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Trump asks judge to block release of tax returns

Former president Donald Trump on Aug. 4 challenged a Justice Department ruling that directed the Treasury Department to turn over his tax returns to Congress. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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  • Bill clinton

    Alot of his fans are expecting him to be back in office tomorrow. It would be hilarious if he wound up in cuffs instead. I’m sure neither will happen.

  • Dan Guest

    There's nothing to show , because he doesn't pay taxes , otherwise he would have released them years ago , just trying to hide the facts again !

  • William O'Reiler

    In our plutocracy here it's not surprising Trump's gotten away with all he has; if we were a Democratic Republic he'd be fooked.

  • Mr Rodgers Political Playtime

    Bottom line: between Trump’s threat to head the DOJ with a pro-Trump man pushing outlandish election fraud theories and wanting to help states overturn election results….and his request to Ga to find 11,000 +-votes PLUS one additional vote to allow Trump to win……

    The case against Trump for attempts to subvert the election are pretty much proven.

    (And with his business under indictment for fraud, his request to keep his tax records hidden also busted.)

    Funny, no other election results for Senators and Reps are contested…..why not if the same election was so massively corrupt for GOP? Guess they like those results.

  • New Jack

    Those attacking Trump and trying to silence him, always promising yous evidence, then not having it.. they are the ones with something to hide ;

  • MerrieMelodies Fan

    It's painfully, glaringly obvious that Trump has done something illegal with his tax returns, that's why he continues to keep them being turned over to tax returns to Congress.

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