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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The trial of the man accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts continues. Cristhian Bahena Rivera, charged with murder, has pleaded not guilty.

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18 thoughts on “Trial of Cristhian Bahena Rivera in Mollie Tibbetts case continues Friday | USA TODAY”
  1. He never should have been in this country. He’s evil and always has been obviously. And how did he get a damn car? And why was he allowed to drive our roads? Poor Molly. This country failed her like so many others who have been murdered by illegals.

  2. Why would an illegal person with a job, has a baby girl and with no criminal history risk his status by doing such a brutal crime? Seems illogical right?

    If his version of the story of being framed is true, then its one hell of a twist.

  3. What should make half the people in this country ashamed of them selves, is that they voted in the regime that wants to bring these people into our land. Then they commit this atrocity. And many of those people who strongly support the way this regime functions in this country might consider the "undocumented people" oppressed by the entitled racist system.

  4. They will convict him no matter whether he is innocent or guilty. Only because he is not white. If he was white he would be taken as quimical unbalanced individual. And would go free. Just like it has happened through out history of our country

  5. How can she deserves justice when the real killer is still out there killing blame it on the Hispanic man this story sounds like a movie where the real killer was the boyfriend

  6. america already is illegally leveraged into having to tolerate put up with total coward criminal garbage that literally dont know what else to do but lie scam stink steal and abuse the constitution in order to remain 'protected' from the constitution and democracy and the law and justice, and a range of felony crimes which coward criminal unamerican garbage are able to temporarily get away with, so it is far past impossible to categorize cases like these as anything society can 'learn' from.

  7. Just wondering who pays for all this wasted time to defend someone who was guilty???? Our judicial system is just as corrupt as our government.

  8. but where did he kill her? on the side of the road? was their blood on the road? did they ever find the murder weapon? was their DNA on Molly's body also or only in the guy's trunk?

  9. Those same "masked men" forced me to steal the new Porsche that is
    sitting in my driveway. They always seem to show up and make me do
    horrible things when I want something.

  10. Today, good defeated evil. Conservatives defeated liberals. Proponents of illegal immigration were defeated by America First.

  11. Sad all around. Sad for Mollie, sad for her family, sad for family of the convicted murderer and sad for the soul of a person capable of hurting (never mind killing) an innocent. God help him.

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