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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

From Zoom cat filters to nunchuck demonstrations to Neanderthal caucuses, 2021 got weird. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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25 thoughts on “The wildest political moments of 2021”
  1. Americans seemingly elected another in the long list of lifelong, do nothing, multimillionaire liberals.
    Out of 20 candidates…not one presidential hopeful could tout their experience or expertise in managing a city, county or state..
    Its becoming commonplace. Their success rate in equally as poor.

  2. What is so funny about a senile president? Putin is certainly enjoying his constant incoherent gaffes and Xi is amused, because they thrive when we're weak.

  3. NIST: "Global Warming" is an EASY "Condition" to CORRECT! Just use MATH. Not: "Voodoo/Science." Increase "Photosynthesis Efficiency!" Idiots have been AFRAID to cut down OLD TREES that NO LONGER Absorb CARBON. TOO LAZY to Clear DEAD TREES that EMIT CARBON? A "Real" PROBLEM is: Trying to Find a "Nice Vintage Paisley Shirt." peace

  4. The supreme court needs to reject this immediately because it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL PERIOD!

    You don't even need to hear a case.  If you are hearing a case on these mandates then that's a major problem with our justice system.  END IT NOW!!

    This also violates Nuremberg Code law.  This was put into law years ago because of what could happen in the future and it's happening right

    This is getting so ridiculous that I can't even believe that this is happening in America.  This is like an absolute dystopia nightmare for our country.

    NEWS FLASH!  COVID-19 has over a 99% survival rate which does not warrant an ETS standard from OSHA and OMICRON is less deadly than the original varient.

    The news media is totally hyping up this OMICRON virus simply to get more people vaccinated against their will.

    This will end so badly for us if the mandate is upheld in the court.

    There will be major supply chain issues, people quitting in mass and it will have absolute devastating consequences to our economy and it's already happening in some places.

    This message is to the supreme court justices:

    If you really believe that COVID-19 is that dangerous to all Americans then there are others options than to uphold the vaccine or test mandate and crap all over the Constitution.

    How about strike down the vaccine or test mandate and rule in favor of a MASK OR TEST mandate for all private businesses with 100 or more employees?

    You would just simply come to work and wear your mask or show a negative test weekly not to wear the mask until the OSHA ETS ends in May and BE DONE WITH IT!  You'll be playing to both sides and everyone will be happy.

    Don't forget that most private companies have already taken necessary safety precautions at the workplace several months back to combat covid, such as, mask wearing, temperature checks, separating people and putting up screens around people.

    This shouldn't even be questioned!

    Our forefathers went through hell and back to give us our rights and many died because of it and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and watch them piss all over it.

    If this goes through then what else can the Biden administration get away with?

    I'll tell you.  THE VACCINES WILL NEVER END!




    A Deplorable

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