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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

NEW YORK ( – The U.S. Intelligence News published an article about the spiritual dimension of the case David Dragičević.
Here are some excerpts.
What is happening now with the exhumation and the funeral of David Dragičević is so enormous, as its catapulting the case of David Dragičević into a new sphere. It is a spiritual dimension that has a tremendous power, and is stronger than any protest so far. The case David Dragičević was a criminal case so far, with a tragic and very sad ending, but has now left that domain, and has entered the realm of metaphysics; therefore it is now a metaphysical case which left everything we ever experienced so far behind.

David Dragičević transformed into a Christ-like figure, and has become an archangel, and a historical mythical figure. David Dragičević has become the patron of the Serbian people, and all the associated suffering with it. Like Jesus Christ, David Dragičević was betrayed by his own people. David Dragičević was murdered by a Serbian hand, and this alone adds to this case an additional meaning, in connection with the betrayal of the Serbs by own people through the history. David Dragičević came to this world to take on him the sins of all Serbian Judas, which acted through the history, so that through pain, and salvation, reconciliation can take place.#PravdaZaDavida

David Dragičević is alive!

The funeral of David Dragičević was not the end. It was the beginning of something wonderful. David Dragičević was put to death in the flesh but resurrected in the spirit, and has passed now the limits of the earthly, and has become a heavenly being, flesh became light, and the darkness that has shrouded the case is over. Read Full Article Here:


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