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The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy | Retro Report | The New York Times

In the 1950s, thalidomide cut a wide swath of destruction across the world, leaving behind thousands of deformed infants, but that was only the beginning of the story.

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The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy | Retro Report | The New York Times


  • Rose D

    Wow. The company is pathetic. They cause all this, and when confronted, they said the problems were caused by everything else but the drug, and this all happened in the first place probably because they didn't see the effect it would have on unborn babies! They hid for 50 years hiding from where they really did to these people, and only now do they freaking apologize, saying they were "SHOCKED." These people honestly anger me. The woman is right. They don't deserve to be shocked.

  • Tammy Osborne

    As I scroll through these comments its astonishing to me that no one is drawing a comparison to the completely experimental grossly under tested mrna vaccine everyone is being given. The inventor of the mrna vaccine, Robert Malone strongly feels that not anywhere near enough tests have been performed before administering it to humans. A few days after expressing his concerns publicly he was scrubbed from the Wikipedia page on his own invention. History is repeating itself. What's worse is that those who've taken the "vaccine" (its actually gene therapy- not a true vaccine) they're shedding the vaccine- thereby making themselves a bioweapon to everyone who wanted to abstain from it. Mark my words, there are going to be grave and dire consequences down the road from this.

  • i love pink roses

    This is still going today from drugs & vaccines, people die, develop autism, become neurogically crippled, GB, severe reactions, still borns, miscarriages, organ failures, etc. But today studies are no longer being performed, saying it's mostly safe except for the "rare" adverse reactions. Money protects these companies. Money is what drives the news, politicians etc to protect those companies today.

  • Rana Almoghanam

    I know this is a video about Thalidomide but why did they say Jerusalem instead of Palestine! There is no such thing as ISRAEL and thank you

  • dreamhobbiz

    Of course its not dangerous! Any drug company back then would have said and done anything to ensure that their cash cow continued to milk money from its customers. No matter the cost.

  • Maggie

    My aunt came so close to taking this drug when pregnant with her first child.. but her mum, my granny, said best not to take anything when pregnant. Sadly, her friend did and that baby had devastating side-effects. A sad part of health history and wonder drugs!.. new drugs are a worry..

  • LastDays_ JesusSaves

    Drugs…scientists…pharmakeia…sorceries… The brainwashing is real. I pray people repent and put their faith in the the Living God alone cuz this isn't gonna end well for humanity. Just watch what happens soon after they discover a "cure" for aids…the worlds inhabitants, animals are already affected negatively by all this "scientific research," and it will progress until we are all destroyed. This is why the Lord commands us to watch and be on guard, it's all coming to an end quickly because of sin, lack of faith in our Creator.

  • Evil_Juggalo_

    Didn't America get the picture from how Hitler done to people, The Jewish people? Why did Germany make this drug ? First they killed off the Poor Jewish, then they did this to America! Study these kinds of Actions, Never just someone a drug, Look at what China has done, sent American people the COVID VIRUS ! JUST DON'T DO IT, WE THE AMERICANS ARE GETTING THE WORSE!

  • Raquel Lambropoulos

    To all you people who say oh thsnk God my mother knew better and did not take it SHAME ON YOU. THIS IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN WHOSE MOM DID TAKE IT . NOT ABOUT YOU. NARCASSISTS IN PERFECT EXAMPLE

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