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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

The push for stronger gun safety laws to protect kids from accidental injuries, death | Nightline

Ethan Song, 15, died while playing with a handgun at his friend’s house. His parents are among a group of people advocating for gun storage laws in hopes that other kids won’t have the same fate.


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  • chase davis

    they're just making it harder for good people to get guns it wasn't the gun's fault it's the parents fault they're the ones who didn't lock up and store their firearms good enough


    Politicians just say what the American People want to hear….it will take forever to pass new gun safety laws…..and WAKE UP..IF SOMEONE WANTS A GUN THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO GET IT…NO LAWS WILL PREVENT THAT….WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • Петр Рябинин Peter Ryabinin

    Wich one do you wanna get rid of: the freedom that the Second Amandment gives to you, or safety that you'll lose because of the thousands of illegal gun owners, rapists and robbers?

  • Pretty Khaleesi

    Even at a young age im not about to go in someone house and play with a GUN lol , I don't even like going into my friends houses .

  • MY2 Cent

    OMG this i what ive been saying for a long time. this is a first step the second is to get assault rifles confined to a gun range. the third is to go after these illegal gun makers. the fourth is to standard how private citizens sell guns.

  • Martin Gonzalez

    So if all the cars that have accidentally run over kids will have to be illegal , I guess we will all have to walk. Accidents happen because parents are negligent.

  • Serenity Somewhere

    I'm a schizophrenic, responsible gun owner. I'm better around guns than a lot of people nowadays. Says a lot.

  • Lily Jade

    AMERICA believes These Truths are Self Evident, that All are Created Equal, those gop and the fringes no longer believe this, walked away from Norm of this Society, now shun by society because they deviate from Norm. Feeling OSTRACIZED, not knowing how Gop got away from the Circle, fall from grace.

    The media kept shouting: this is Not Normal!

    Those who are not Normal are OSTRACIZED. 2nd Amendment begins with A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being of necessity for defense of State, not for shooting your neighbor, nor killing deer.

    Come back into the Norm, asked President Biden, get vaccinated, here, there, for free, he says.

    Will the fringes come back To Join us in this Equal Society?

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