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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The US opioid crisis appears to be getting worse by the day.
Researchers are finding an even more potent drug on the streets amid a spike in people dying from overdoses.
Butchy Davy explains
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22 thoughts on “The opioid crisis in America is getting worse”
  1. White peoples in American will use bath salt and air fresher and cold tab to get high anything that you can buy at a dollar store.

  2. Maybe make a video of the Alcohol problem Russia has possessed. RT is the definition of brainwashing media. Lmao, sheep of that frozen wasteland

  3. What people don't understand is that the government created this situation of opioid addiction. It all started when the soldiers started coming home from WWI. They started giving them heroin for shell shock and it grew from there.

  4. These people were murdered by a degenerated system and it's enablers. Instead of fighting a real pandemic the create a fake one to make even more money 🤑

  5. More Opioids please! They actually cleaned-up my city. The only dirtballs left are the sober ones. A dead junkie isn't going to break into my house or vehicle.

  6. I think the US government is doing it on purpose…. you can use heroin for 40 years and be an immense trouble for society for that time. If you use fentanyl you'll be dead in year if not even on your first hit. It's more efficient and PR-friendly than the police going around and shooting addicts.

  7. Is the number of potential users greater in the US than in other nations? 100.000 people dying each year from drug overdose seem a lot of people. Why do people become drug addicts? Maybe they need to work on the social issues. Maybe life is just too hard for many people.

  8. Many of the Americans build their empire using money earned from selling opium to the Chinese. A few of ivy leagues were funded by opium money. Yes. China was a walking during that period in time when lots of chinese were weakened by smoking opium. Now the Americans are tasting what was fed to the Chinese.

  9. Astaghfirullah you all making fun of the hopeless people.
    Hopeless people are never in power.
    Those who have power and do harm only increase the hopelessness in common average citizens who have nothing to do with politics.

  10. Like the geezer who runs philippines said and did in his country, all drug pushers should be just shot in the head. They ruin so many lifes.

    For me, it should be a death sentence, if its proven a person is a drug pusher, especially big ones.

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