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The New York Times Presents The #1619Project

Four hundred years ago, on August 20, 1619, a ship carrying more than 20 enslaved Africans arrived in Virginia. We remember this anniversary with an evening of conversation and performance featuring Nikole Hannah-Jones, Wesley Morris, Jamelle Bouie, Tyehimba Jess and more.


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  • anonymous

    Historians are poking holes in these timelines and what really happened. But they keep going with this project…hahaha!!! What is wrong with these people?

  • Jeff Smith

    We wanted to get into this book but never had time. So on a recent camping trip we took it along thinking it would be the perfect time only to discover we forgot the toilet paper, so put the book to good use! I'd highly recommend it! 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Doe

    Two facts that crush the projects legitimacy….
    1. The project won a Pulitzer in Commentary NOT a Pulitizer in History.
    2. The project is not recognized by the AHA or the OAH.


  • Louise Rose

    These people are scoring many solid general points – some of them have long been understood by Europeans rather than WASP Americans. For instance:

    – The US constitution (including the Bill of Rights but not the later amendments) is an admirable document in many ways, but it was written before democracy had become a widely accepted norm, and this shows. The model that most of the Founding Fathers looked up to was the Roman Republic, a heavily aristocratic state and model of government (the FF had a highly idealized vision of that era) with patrician leaders fighting it out supported by thousands of clients and peoplewho were practically bound to obey their masters, vote for their masters.

    – Many people think that the 1789/90 USC took a quick giant leap to enshrining the principle of "one man, one vote, equal for all white men in the country" (and later extended to women and people of colour). This is very far from true. By the original setup, only people who owned land or had a fortune in some other way were given the right to vote, and safeguarding the individual voter against being pressured to vote like his boss wasn't a priority at all. Actually, while many countries in Europe went through a brief phase of "democratic breakthrough" when the principle of "one man, one vote, a free and equal vote" became inviolable, this didn't happen in the USA. The right to vote was broadened to new groups over time, but the idea of "don't mess with one man one vote" is still much less clear than in Europe (or in Canada). The acceptance for voter suppression laws and all sorts of griffs to discourage voting by some "other groups" is a sign of this.

    – "White America still hasn't given up on the idea that some people are inherently more worthy of freedom and influence because they were born to be better, or because they are more successful in business terms" – True.

    – The US devolves too much power and control over its elections to state legislatures. The latest general election and Trump's disinformation campaign have shown this to be an Achilles heel. The US is in need of a solid, authoritative and federal Elections Office, which should be able to prepare, handle and oversee elections.

    – Obama was only the third black US senator ever to take a seat in the US Capitol. Many people (mostly republicans) still can't recognize this as a sign of ingrained racism in US society.

  • John Doe

    Wow as a publish Historian, I can for one say that this a fabrication of U.S. History….In fact I can write a book about how the Jews colonized America 2500 years before Columbus and have more historical evidence and primary source first hand accounts then this book…Pulitzer Prize is for Journalism not History and the fact that is the only Prize the book and author has won tells you everything you need to know. This book belongs under the SciFi or Fantasy section with The Man in The High Castle.

  • Manuel Davidson

    The truth must be told no matter who likes it or not. We must defeat this new form of 21st century Mc Carthyism head on!!


    So the Constitution of the USA never uses the word slave within its margins. Deliberately omitted as to leave no loophole hole to allow consternation amongst infantile democracy purveyors or lesser pirates running roughshod and marauding the seas coastal landings upon the indigenous and other inhabitants. Early history lessons reworded the passenger's titles on the ships but the lessons never mentioned the names or titles of said passengers, but instead inserted Servants to waylay the force of the word, slave. From 1619 until 2005 all known forms of slavery existed inside and surrounding lands of the western hemisphere, however overt, however covert, it existed.

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