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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

‘The Five’ discuss growing speculation that Jeffrey Epstein’s co-conspirator could reveal pertinent information for lenient sentence. #FoxNews #TheFive

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18 thoughts on “'The Five' react to speculation Ghislaine Maxwell could 'sing like a canary' for leniency”
  1. Nancy first person name out her mouth is TRUMP go F*&^% yourself Nancy maybe take a look at Bill Clinton we all know he was there multiple times

  2. Why, oh, why, cannot all these presenters simply discover how to properly pronounce her name? She might "sing" if she was ever addressed by her proper name. At least, everyone has never misused her preferred pronouns.


  4. ok wait like I don't get the problem with trans people and people that identify as another gender they exist right and it also doesn't seem like they are asking for anything but us to just say "ok you identify and present as another gender" i mean like i don't get how that's like bad (also im like 15 im just tryina develop a political identity this isnt meant to inflame or insult I just genuinely want to know where people on this side of the political spectrum are coming from) and yes I understand this video has nothing to do with the topic I have brought up it is a topic I am interested in and this just happened to be the most recent fox news video.

  5. Nancy Grace is one to talk! Anyone in HOLLOWOOD Sold their SOUL to the DEVIL! Stop the B.S. Research for Justice for Children! Hint wink! Wink! Clintons, Obama, Mark Zuckerberg! Hollywood Elites! Reap What you Sow! Hell has a special place for all Complacent! PERIOD!

  6. Smoke and mirrors people, she either has a failsafe set in place if sometging happens to her , or she will be sent out country with diffrent identity to protect the elite , smoke and mirrors on the the whole thing in every corrupt possible way.

  7. Is she going to die of "natural causes" soon? She obviously gave the names to somebody to dump out if she perils

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