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The doctor fleeing Tennessee over Covid – BBC News

Tennessee was ground zero for America’s Covid culture wars last summer as the death toll soared, the doctor in charge of vaccine rollout was fired and the debate over wearing masks in schools turned violent.

Documentary filmmaker Matt Danzico explores how the pandemic is changing US politics, from the facts Americans choose to believe to where they want to live.

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  • David Siodora

    Man people should watch the mythbusters episode on germs regarding the spread of diseases. That should at the very least show people how easy it is to spread an illness even outside of a pandemic, or show the importance of masks

  • President Elect Jeffrey Smith

    The corncob variant has been discovered in every state, every country on earth, solar system and throughout the universe. Please get your 69th booster to protect the aliens.

  • Robertson Tirado

    American freedom highest diabetes highest single parent in the entire world the most drug addicts in the entire world the fattest in the world how are you using your freedom. I forgot drink until you pass out.

  • ChrisMinusHumour

    If you are a musician who writes love songs on youtube, stick to what you know. Don't talk about virus prevention and healthcare. That is beyond you. He doesn't even have kids. This is his claim to fame and it is at the expense of people getting COVID. Saying bee stings are more lethal than covid. What would that mean even if it was true. Bee stings are not an infectious disease, there were 1000000 cases in UK yesterday. How many bee stings? Idiot. People have worn masks like this for years, they are called healthcare workers. Trust me, you will be fine.

  • Andrew

    Astonishing fact. 70% of London’s so-called “COVID hospitalizations”are diagnosed several days after admission for other ailments. They are NOT COVID patients. A positive test 8 days after admission means the hospital basically gave the patient COVID.

  • Darth Vader's Dad

    Fun Fact: More Americans have died from COVID-19 with the vaccine in use under the Bi-Din Regime than the whole of last year under the Trump Administration without the vaccine, we know who handled it better.

  • Darth Vader's Dad

    Rasmussen Poll: Jo Bi-Din's Approval rating Sinks To 40% Making President Trump a better President that Bi-Din. 🤣

    The Bi-Din Regime is SINKING faster than the Titanic.

  • Darth Vader's Dad

    For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.

    – Chairman Jo Bi-Din.

  • SG G

    I packed and left for Africa and now a hydroponics farmer, land owner, off grid, self sufficient, haven’t worn a mask in 1 yr and am free I feel free 🇰🇪🇰🇪

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