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The Dark Shadow of Agent Orange | Retro Report | The New York Times

The use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War continues to cast a dark shadow over both American veterans and the Vietnamese.

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The Dark Shadow of Agent Orange | Retro Report | The New York Times


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  • chakky

    The grandfather of one of my friends worked as a chemist synthesizing Agent Orange in the 60s. He and his son both had to have their thyroids removed and my friend will likely have to have theirs removed eventually and isn't expected to live past 50 or 60. They definitely think it's related. Horrible, horrible chemical. It took my friend's grandfather some 50 years to confirm what he worked on to his family he was so ashamed.

  • shanmukha reddy

    How about victims in Viatnam? This is definition of war crimes. Why no one prosecuted in world court? whoever approved using toxins should be prosecuted in world court

  • Victors videos

    An Allergy to Chloroquine was used for Veterans instantly and heavily exposed to Agent Orange and broke out with rashes and were medivac’d out of country. Their medical records were withheld, but the veterans were told the records were lost. THEY WERE NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sun Of Universe Da’ud


  • Tobias Unknown

    So the US tried to destroy plants and crops and thereby the food supply and all that by spraying a chemical that caused cancer and birth defects. How is that not considered as genocide?

  • Benjamin WasHere

    My Dad died just two years ago from cancer; caused my Agent Orange. As his health started to deteriorate, the doctors started to suspect Agent Orange. He was not given any help for His failing health by the VA bec sailors were not “on land.” Intentionally, or unknowingly, not recognizing that aircraft returning to the Enterprise Carrier, where my Dad was serving, we’re covered with this Chemical. Hence exposing sailors to this Agent, even though they were not on the ground in Vietnam. Finally, just as He developed cancer, and then died from the chemotherapy, the Government recognized these fighting sailors as what is now called Blue Water Sailors. My Dad is…my Dad was…a Blue Water Sailor. The burden is now being passed to my Mom to survive as a Widow of a Blue Water Sailor. Not only have We All lost a Great Man, A Dad, Husband, my Mom is suddenly left Alone. Alone…having to survive without the main Income Earner, but denied any extra Disability benefits He should have received, that should pass to Her as Surviving Spouse. Those extra funds, meek as they are, as absolutely needed for Her to now survive Alone. Looks like they will finally become available in another year. Agent Orange killed so many. Anyone who would attempt to say It did not, is a Liar. In situations like this, where corporations knew, the tobacco industry being another, it would be justified to expose Them, and their families, to the same Chemical which the Corporation says is “safe.” If you make it, and it harms Anyone in ANY way, You are then exposed…would put an end to these corporate profit minded killers who usually receive a bailout, once they declare Bankruptcy, from their own immoral behavior.

  • F E L I X

    My pops was deployed there a few times during the war. One of them during the '68 tet. He was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma three times. Went into remission twice. He passed away a few years ago and I'm still so Angry about it. He served over 20 years with the usaf and he died as a consequence of agent orange. I'm proud of him for serving, but it makes me wonder how much longer i coulda had him around if he had chosen a different path.

  • Princess Neptune

    My grandpa was drafted, and fought in NAM. He actually received a settlement I think it was something like $50.000 in one sum. I was asking him what the settlement was for and what agent orange was. He told me what it was and also told me they’re higher ups told them it was to help alleviate some of the bugs and mosquitoes. Him and my grandma bought a house with that money.

  • Charge0Complete

    02:07 "….the saving of American lives…" I could have saved all those American lives by not sending ONE American to police the world or force capitalism down anyone's throat.

  • drake dante

    they trow it in el yunque in puerto rico a lot of deformities and parents force to mercy killing their baby's families destroy Americans have done a lot atrocities to Puertoriqueños and never apologize

  • Justin Nguyen

    No more king empires. All king empires should be gone. All socialist countries + England should get coronavirus and food crisis for ever, especially Cuba and North Vietnam.

  • jason m.

    This took my uncle in 2009. Very aggressive form of lung cancer discovered in May 2008. In June 2009 he was gone. Was a USAF mail sorter/carrier at Tan Su Nhut Airport in 1967-68. Just mailbags and cargo with microscopic exposure killed him 42 years later.

  • Funny Monkeee

    Do a documentary about Agent Orange, the herbicide that causes mutations. Agent Orange is still being used in America as weed killer. Weed Killer and Herbicide should be banned because it contaminates rivers and drinking water which causes cancer and mutations causing birth defects.

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