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'Tears of joy, tears of frustration': Confederate statues removed in Charlottesville

Statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were removed in Charlottesville on July 10, nearly four years after the deadly “Unite the Right” rally.

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  • Ray Cyst

    "Oh I wish I was in the land of cotton…Old times there are not forgotten..Look away, look away, look away Dixieland!" Be careful destroying history…it has a weird way of coming back! Food for thought all you lefties and white people who hate your own race…

  • Kate Lopez

    Is NOT Really the Statues, Is What They Represent .The Statues Made it Difficult to Let go of the South. They Glorify IT, Give it Glamour. It Makes People Proud, and Want to Emitate Them, and Some Did. iT Is Hard to Let go of the Fantasies Taught by the Far Right, Reality is , Most of this Statues Have Perpetuated the South, and We Love IT! Not Taking in to Account the Harm, Pain, and Suffering that This Images Would Bring! Of Course, the Far Right is Using this , and Critical Race Thinking, … Their Own Definition of It , to Sit Themselves in the White House Again, So the Nighmare Begins All Over Again ) They Won't Accept that America is Growing…. They Want the Same America From the South… And They are Making Sure of It!

  • Maci Bendy

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  • Maci Bendy

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  • Johnny jai



  • Seventh Anubis

    He was fighting Communism. What a coincidence that it was commissioned in 1917. Even funnier coincidence that Obama used white nationalists in Ukraine and their delusions that the USSR still existed for a coup. David Duke was sent there in advance by Bush and Cheney. Or former nazi Reinhard Gehlen hired by the CIA by Truman. Operation Gladio.

  • Kate Lopez

    The North and the South BLOODY War Over SLAVERY. The North Won, Slavery was Abolish. However, the South LIVES IN THE HEART OF AMERICA

  • Brother John's

    People taking down any statues will not change anything, what should have happened is to keep the statues and just make it clear on the statue what the person did truthfully!, how their actions affected ALL of the people truthfully! And let the conscience of the reader or viewer decide if they want to continue where the statute person left off. Now with this said ALL the statued persons should have this done equally. at the same time, the k-12 school programs would state the truth. the truth about the people and the money and the motive.

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