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Taliban gaining ground as Afghan translators await entry to US

The Taliban is continuing to make territorial gains in Afghanistan amid growing fear that they’ll take revenge in areas coming under their control. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story.

Then, Former UK MP George Galloway and Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof share their insights.

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  • Wayne Shilcock

    I think the Taliban will think twice about attacking Chinese or Russian interests if they know whats good for them. Also the responsibility will be on the Taliban to police Al Qaida and ISIS if they know whats good for them. If you don't believe me, 150 thousand Chinese and 150 thousand Russoan troops will suggest otherwise.

  • Americanknow

    Stop inviting this guy, Mike. He does not know anything, just pretending he is an expert. In fact, his comment is stupid.

  • Guido Bächi

    The Chinese and the Russians will fix it within the next five years. I'm afraid of the future of the translators and all the other personal, especially the women, who worked for the US. I hope Biden keeps his word!

  • Free Bee

    More immigrants. Great, thanks a lot. Our government is so screwed up. This is total failure. Who do we hang for all the stupidity? Politicians must be held accountable with their lives.

  • adam fernandez

    The Taliban need to draw the chinese into Afghanistan and give them a good belting economically just like what the Americans got 😂


    The CIA stooge is clueless and just pushing the CIA Narrative. RT please get someone who isn't speaking Propaganda

  • Bob Hasny

    Afghanistan is gonna be a hell soon though it was already a hell….but whoever gonna putta hand in there hands gonna burn….like India specially they are being very keen to make terms with Taliban's like they did with warlords to use them against Pakistan…… probably if NATO use Pakistan Army to bring a peace to Afghanistan that's the only last option I guess

  • brickandfanal

    I imagine the fiesta the China communiste party must prepare to celebrate the departure of the Americans.
    -Hey comrade Xi Jinping, now that all the infrastructure has been destroyed by the Americans, we Chinese will be able to grab all the minerals, oil and riches of the country for peanuts.

  • Azmi Zakaria

    Taliban today differs from before the invasion. It was mainly made up of the majority Pashtun and had never conquered the northern territories made up of Tajik, Uzbek, Baluch and others. They also faced resistance from the Shiite in the centre and along Iranian border.
    Today their leaders and soldiers in the north are made up of the local ethnic of the area. The last week showed how easily a northern territory fallen to them that proved an acceptance by the local population.
    Acceptance by Iran means acceptance by the local Shiite communities.
    Under Taliban, I don't see how the country gets disintegrated.
    That is unless someone come and invade it again – for being different.

  • Bob Hasny

    Afghanistan: USA stand with Non- Afghans such as Uzbekies Hazara etc ….. original Afghans are Pashtuns so Taliban's…..majority Pashtuns in Afghanistan they are 65%…..they stand with Taliban's directly or indirectly…..that was the mistake….plus USA thought they can smash Taliban's through Isis ….but Isis can't do shit to Taliban's but maybe a more chaos inside Afghanistan…… northern alliance or so called Afghan trained Army that's nothing but the crap.

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