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Super typhoon causes devastation as it rips through Philippines – BBC News

A popular tourist island is among areas left devastated after a powerful typhoon ripped through the southern Philippines, officials say.

Super typhoon Rai made landfall on the holiday island of Siargao on Thursday, bringing winds of about 195km/h (120mph) and heavy rainfall.

The tropical storm has levelled homes on islands along its path, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. The UN says some 13 million people may be affected.

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  • Ronny Simon

    I'm just curious why the BBC doesn't report anti semitism hate crimes. On the rare occasions they do they disable the comments so nobody can speak bad about Muslims

  • justin fam

    Why does the typhoon always hit before christmas.i literally woke up on Christmas day with tree , roof's etc. All over the place from the super typhoon in the Philippines (like 1-2 years ago) and I said I guess we don't need no Christmas trees no more ,the typhoon already delivered it and decorated it with tin roofs and fence

  • Eva Parsons

    Lord God thank you for blessing. These child of yours did you to give them miracle now thay need you to help then in everyday. Help Amy and her family be able to get the things thay need now . Thank you Jesus for answering prayers giving peace and encouragement, confront to each of them. Praise you lord God

  • sarathchandra vikas

    My wife is in Philippines… I am in India… I am worried about her safety.
    Does anyone know about situation in Cebu, Talisay city.. Langtang, black gold station area?
    Plss answer me

  • 느님못생겨ᄊ

    ..쪼ㅁ..구뤠ㄷ.. ㅈㅅㄱ대표..공무짂..으미..로..업무,면.. 공정ly..상..

    (… 머..ㅓ..오널..날ㅉㅏ..기준..로도..짂,open.. … 도..공정ly..면..엿드..

    ㅁㅊㄱㅈ.. 갂,갠젂..입장.껀..지ㅁㅏ.. ㅈㅅㄱ상대..공정ly..면.. 로.. )

    그.. ㄱㅖ솎.. (지곰..으, 21'..dec,18.. 데..) ..ㄱㅖ솎,강압..싞..

    가쭊용,ㄸㅏ앾.. 뚜면ㅈㅔ..이어.. 연탄..까ㅆ..류 로,받아..놔야..필요..면,땜.. 마저..지시조.. 라느..

    명분..'구뤠도..자굮,본굮.. 중굮,입장..에, 돔..되도롞..준비..등등..r..필요,하다..겟꼬..'

    연탄..까ㅆ..류 로,받아..놔야..필요..로..

    ㅊㅏ병원..드..ㅂㅐ꽃..여대..드.. 마저..불알..터러..ㄸㅏ시,채우느가..

    연탄..까ㅆ..류 도,마저..잘,받아.. '구뤠도..자굮,본굮.. 중굮,입장..에, 돔..되도롞..준비..동참..하드..'

    쪼ㅁ.. 굮제젂..활동류..알려진.. 젂씹ㅈㅏ..캐톨릮..츢에..돔받느,행태.. (사앾..주나..로, 으뢰..) 머..ㅓ..쪼ㅁ..돌리

    ㄱㅏ.. '구뤠도..자굮,본굮.. 중굮,입장..에, 돔..되도롞..준비..동참..하드..' 로..압밖..과..지시..라느..

    ( 깐딴ㅍㅎ..로,t쟁류덜.. )

    ..더느.. (kr..지엮..니..) 기관면..류.. 여러..로.구분..필요..도, x. 젂씹ㅈㅏ..캐톨릮..류..x.. 므..구양,미군부대 뿐.

    (구양.. 선발..으,un군..부대..으미..로.

    으ㄸ..으미..젂굮..군..에.. 항볶..ㄲㄹㅈ다마.. 굮제..갱찰..도..와,잇느..상황. kr..므..

    더느.. 젂굮군..에.. 항볶..ㄲㄹㅈ 논리도..x.. )

    진술ㅅ..류 로,갂..제출..가능..테고. 가문..대표류..로..갂,갂..

    ( 으ㄸ..t쟁류.. ㄱㅖ솎.. 압밖..더느..인권..폮행질..라,케야..

    갂..마다.. 저으 친,혈졲류..중굮내..에서.. 으ㄸ..별,따윢ㅈ..소솎..다.. 진술ㅅ,기롞..가능..에.. )

    더느..인권,폮행질..라,케야.. ㅛ..기준..식..도..최근..x.. 겟드.. 갠젂,면..로,갂자..잘,아니..

    (최그.. 디게..앙조..앗드.. nov,26.. 사태..이후, dec..11..정치젂농띾질..또,반볶.. )

    최그..그.. 보다.. 몇,달.. 상당,오래.. 1y전..도,되겟느..

    가쭊용,ㄸㅏ앾.. 뚜면ㅈㅔ..이어.. 연탄..까ㅆ..류 로,받아..놔야..필요..면,땜.. 마저..강압젂.. 디요질.. 강요,라느..

    ‘차병원..츢.. t쟁.. 가쭊용,ㄸㅏ앾.. 을..받는ㅈㅣ..

    배꽃여대..츢..관련,t쟁.. 가쭊용,ㄸㅏ앾.. 을..받는ㅈㅣ..’ 싞..으..

    미군부대..에,제출.. 진술ㅅㅓ.. 충분.. 갠젂..으로..나마..항변..수준..ㅈㅣ마..

    지덜은.. 충분.. 자굮,본굮..중굮..명ㅇㅖ..부터..스크래ㅊ..낸..존재류..느,x.. 엿다..

    싞.. ㅁㅏ지맊,항변.. 라느. … ㅁㅊㄱㅈ.. ㅈㅅㄱ를,상대로.

  • Lolita Irong

    Good job, Mr. Gordon, you are a fast, but no nonesense, articulate communicator. Praying for affected provinces and their people in the Philippines. Lord, pour down your divine mercy to them.

  • segtha

    Before earthquakes were once in a while,storms were once in a while .. but now we see many in all the places of the earth.. In the last days perilous times shall come. We are in the end of end times..The King is coming soon . Lord Jesus loves you..

  • Teacher Rea Samantha

    I still have relatives in Siargao i couldn’t reach them through phones because all the telecommunication cell-sites are down. We are now worried because supplies of food and water are getting scarce… 😕

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