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Sunisa Lee wins gold; Friday features U.S. women's soccer and track

Sunisa Lee extends America’s gold medal streak in all-around. A reigning world champion tests positive for COVID-19. USWNT are back on Friday.

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  • Valerie Mills

    Wow, first off, proud of Sunisa Lee! She put in the time and hard work and came out on top like a true American story of success. But this guy doing the video, what is his deal? He mentions the school for most of the male athletes but does not mention that Lee is at Auburn University. Sunisa Lee, the country is proud of you and the Auburn Family is over the moon thrilled about you bringing home the gold! WDE

  • Meet NYC2020

    SIMONE BILES' BUSINESS DECISION ==>> Obviously, she is at the end of her gymnast career. Her performance is already and will certainly be declining. No excuses!!! Except for "mental health issues". How do endorsements, sponsors, and marketable public image (flow of big bucks) respond (a) to someone who was/is the best when she HAD TO RETIRE for "health reasons" (a martyr) … OR (b) to someone who simply got old like everyone else, lost most of her skills like everyone else, and left the sport like so many others did before her. THINK ABOUT IT!!! $$$ for her vs. medals for the team. She was well coached by her business agents. In a June 15, 2021 video she admitted that gymnasts generally retire around age 21-22. This was her way of retiring. Not because of diminishing performance, but ONLY because of 'mental illness'. She is a hero, yeah. Let the bucks flow. She is already worth about $90 million.

  • Bo Rood

    Endorsers running to from Biles to Sunny Lee like 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

  • Chiena Avtzon

    Suni Lee proved to the world, why she was raising star for US Gymnastics. Her gold medal was well-deserved. She will be the defending champion at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

  • Kou Guy

    You talked about Suni for only 12 seconds. Why is their zero coverage on Suni! I guess she doesn’t FIT the Leftist narrative!

  • Norcal Pinoy

    The first hmong american olympic gold..I'm happy for sunni and her family. Congratulations! Watching from Northern California and the Philippines .

  • Proud Mary

    Thank you so much for saving my Olympic experience SUNI! Unlike many people here just unconditionally excepting certain peoples decisions to quit on the fly I have been watching you all for years now and I know what you’ve been through girl. You’re stuck it out you had it way worse than certain other people. Congratulations darling!!!!

  • Quan Nguyen

    She came a long way from practicing in her backyard on DIY equipment because her parents couldn't afford real equipment 👏🇺🇲

  • Jess Troy

    Stop stealing other countries medals😐😓🤡 she look like Korean and china produced your talent don't steal

  • Brian Harder

    Shocking. Lee doesn't quit and actually wins the event. That's what I'm talking about. Pass the torch, please.

  • Rottin Soldier

    Lmao Lee of Hmong nationality in China wins the all around because Simone dropped out because of something mental. Sounds like BS to me

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