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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Steve Hilton: This is surely the death of elitism

‘The Next Revolution’ host slams elites and corporations saying it’s time for Americans to ‘take back power.’ #FoxNews #TheNextRevolution

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  • Randy Nelson

    How do you stand up against what's going on without the establishment and "institutions" labeling you as insurrectionists, or treasonous? because you know they will. We want to stand up and say this is wrong, but it takes all of us

  • William Unknown

    Please, please, please, can even one Trump cult follower and/or FOX News viewer tell me how some people are acting like a mandatory vaccination would be the end of democracy in America??? As a child I had to get a polio vaccine, smallpox vaccine, etc. to attend school. For certain jobs I had to get vaccinated for certain diseases. To travel internationally I had to get certain vaccines depending on my destination. Now Republicans and FOX News, etc. are acting like the thought of being forced to get a vaccination is the first time this has ever happened. OMG. It is anyone's right to completely ignore and discredit science, but we can only pray that even many of the morons who are publicly criticizing vaccinations (like Tucker Carlson) have actually gotten the shots themselves, but just won't admit it to their low-IQ supporters.

  • Mohsen ?

    When he started to make sense I thought to myself "there is no way this rant ends well" and he didn't fail to disappoint me.
    Guys education is good, reading is good, knowledge is power, increase your capacity everyday. Everyone has his/her own way of learning. It's not about who is smarter, it's about if we are more knowledgeable than yesterday. College education is good, but it doesn't mean people who haven't had the chance are less intelligent. Don't let your precious mind stop, break the frontiers. Bring peace to your life.

  • Gary

    I hope the fluoride or whatever it is in the water destroying testosterone levels hasn't precluded men from drawing blood because it will come to either bloodshed, or we roll over and let the thieves take our souls too. Fukkem!

  • William Unknown

    Remember when the Trump election website had to return tens of thousands of dollars they had cheated Trump cult followers out of last year by auto checking a box that turned any donation into a monthly donation? It was a total scam, but what else is new with Trump? Apparently nothing, because now they are doing the same thing again except this time they are also auto-checking a box that repeats your donation on Trump's birthday and then monthly thereafter. It is sad to see so many people scammed by Trump, but if they are still donating anything to him at this point they really deserve what they get. God Bless America!!!!!

  • James Dolan

    The irony is that a British man is talking about the Republican elite from the pre Trump era, on Fox News. Endless wars – Republican neo- colonials
    Manufacturing industries going to China – Republican CEOs and COOs
    Free Trade – Republican capitalists
    Immigration – Republican capitalists
    Wrong on China – President Richard M Nixon.
    President Trump has completely dumbed down and watered-down the meaning of being an ideological true Republican, and that is why a Brit can smack you down and you don't know the difference.

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