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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

Starlink Mission

SpaceX is targeting Wednesday, April 28 for launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The instantaneous window is at 11:44 p.m. EDT, or 3:44 UTC on Thursday, April 29.

The Falcon 9 first stage rocket booster supporting this mission previously supported launch of GPS III Space Vehicle 03, Turksat 5A, and four Starlink missions. Following stage separation, SpaceX will land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which will be located in the Atlantic Ocean.


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  • James Joyce

    Re: Starship as HLS for Artemis …
    NASA discontinues SLS once existing flight articles are used.
    SpaceX builds several Lunar Starships, several Tanker Starships, and a couple of Cargo Starships.
    SpaceX equips both the Lunar Starships and the Cargo Starships with robotic arms, to enable cargo transfer between them.
    SpaceX flies crew destined for the Moon to LEO on Crew Dragon capsules, docking to Lunar Starship for crew transfer.
    SpaceX ensures the Lunar Starships have enough delta-V to return to LEO from the Moon for more fuel and cargo.
    SpaceX orbits a sufficient complement of Starlink satellites to provide constant communication between Earth and the explorers on the Moon.
    NASA saves Orion for their deep space missions, giving them more time to evolve an SLS replacement, along with whatever deep space habitat/transport they deem appropriate.
    SpaceX gets experience with LEO tanking and crew/cargo transfer, which will provide valuable experience for Starship's inevitable flights to Mars.
    NASA gets a viable and reliable way to move crew and cargo to the Moon to establish a base at Shackleton Crater without the need for spending the money for the Lunar Gateway.
    All crew, cargo, and fuel transfers happen in LEO, allowing for easy access in the event of on-orbit mishaps.
    Everybody wins.

  • Carlo Regadas - Guitar

    I'd like to ask SpaceX; when the second stage of a missile hits the firmament, what's the furthest distance achieved through the waters above the firmament, before the missile loses energy? When we see the spiraling ripples, I assume that's the first stage of the missile, slamming into the firmament, whilst the second stage is launched into the firmament and the waters above? If it is understood the moon is a plasma phenomenon, that occurs in the ionosphere; why are there missions being touted in 2021? I thought it has been understood since at least 1965?

  • bilishu aliss

    Never gets old. Really love the new telemetry gauges, showing both 1st and 2nd stage all the time after MECO and separation.

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