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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The President of Kazakhstan has ordered his security forces to use lethal force on protestors, after days of unrest following a sudden rise in fuel prices.  

Russian troops have arrived to support his government.  The US Secretary of State, has warned that it may be difficult to get them to leave.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Abdujilal Abdurasulov in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty and Steve Rosenberg in Moscow.

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16 thoughts on ““Shoot protesters dead without warning” orders Kazakhstan leader – BBC News”
  1. All of this started because of people's discontent with the government, corruption, inequality, lack of democracy and poverty in the country.

  2. Ukraine 🇺🇦 supports colour revolution in Kazakhstan 🇰🇿
    Wish Kazakhstan could have real democratic progress like Ukraine 🇺🇦

  3. How much is the cost of fuel in Kazakhstan? I doubt it’s more than in the UK but I suppose we’re too soft to take any action against the state.

  4. Alternative is civil war. This is another minority terror over majority funded by US and UK. Russian motives? Motives to do what? What Russia did now?
    LOOOL So someone from USA says that when RUSSIA is in your house it's hard to make them leave? Loool I'd like to see what Koreans, Japanese, Germans, people in Bosnia and Kosovo and Metohija think about that 😀 Ultimate hypocrisy. Russia left all her satellites, USA only left Afghanistan. But we all hope it's just the beginning.

  5. Solidarity to the people in Kazakhstan and Russia ✊ Could probably do with people rising up and demanding change in the UK too.

  6. The title of the video is a lie as even in the video the president is not quoted as ordering the security forces to shoot protesters. He gives them license to shoot people being violent.

  7. "Once the Russians are in your house it's difficult for them to leave"
    – Anthony Blinkin Secretary of state of USA that has over 800 military bases worldwide.
    Ironically, It's been very difficult for the locals of Okinnawa, Guam, Cuba, Iraq, Syria, Japan, Germany and countless others to get USA to leave for decades.

  8. This is amazing to watch…..

    Fabricated revolution in Libya, Nato is straight in.

    Real revolution in Kazakhstan… "We urge restraint"

    No wonder Putin rolled into Crimea… Nato aint gonna do Shi*.

    All Nato members are an embarrassment.

  9. You need experts and cash to organise such large scale coordinated protests/riots. The US has been doing this for years to countries that don’t ‘listen’ (China, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, France, Myanmar… name a few).

  10. i can sense from the fact that you have placed a clearly a (misquote) of the Kazakh president in between (quotation marks) that BBC is a little butthurt about the no-nonesense response of the Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO.. so i'm going to offer my condolences to you.. or actually, i'm going to take that back and offer the world a warning about the modus operandi of the "foreign intelligence/color revolution/coup" in the memory of war victims in Libya & Syria

    – "social media" is the starting point, the goal is rioting
    – brainwashing enough people to believe that raising the price of fuel 50 cents is worth dying for, this is important for the next step
    – "storming" foreign currency, weapons & explosives stores in the country is next. you need suicidal people because armed guards may start shooting. shooting so many suicidal people though can wear down any human being, psychologically & emotionally.. and the guards may finally abandon the stores to be looted by the "protestors"
    – with cash, weapons, and explosives at hand foreign intelligence officers can relatively-safely intervene through smuggling & ultimately breakdown of boarder protection.. up to this point the only "asset on the ground" is probably the social media influencer. they might directly communicating with foreign intelligence officers (knowingly or unknowingly). but they are not foreign themselves and getting themselves killed or arrested in-action would not raise any eyebrows. there is also the added bonus that the foreign country doesn't have to care what happens to them

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