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Shocking New York Times Video Recreates Timeline Of January 6

“The clearest picture we have of what actually happened comes from an absolutely incredible New York Times video investigation that takes us through the events of January 6th—moment by moment,” says Chris Hayes. Evan Hill of the New York Times Visual Investigations team joins to discuss the project.
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  • New Address

    If you know anyone still for Trump, shun them. That has happened in my own family. The Trump supporter was a terrible student, continued behavioral problems, He is ignorant and mean.

  • Dianna Skare

    THANK YOU @StatusCoupNews and Other JOURNALISTS for having the courage to take the "NEWS" into the fray!! For BEING IN THE TRENCHES and GETTING THE REAL "NEWS" > and getting this Fantastic Footage!!

  • Michael Hathaway

    dummy….if those were really police they wouldve stopped it instead of dancing and inviteing them in….but go ahead maxine waters say the scared america that day

  • Dan Evertt

    “Oh my god, I can’t believe we’re doing this. We’re doing it!!!”

    Yep you’re what’s wrong with this country

  • Jasmine Lindros

    At 0:20 any cop – any REAL cop – who still honored their oath to protect and defend would have pulled out their gun and taken aim at the traitors breaking in. Our problem is not just the traitors invading our Capitol, it's also the traitors, in Congress and in uniform, who are already there.

  • Linzie Rogers

    Aren't the police armed? Had these been black people there would have been hundreds of bodies strewn all over the capitol grounds.

  • Pulse2AM

    I don't know why the police didn't mow them down with lead. Kent state wasn't nearly as bad from the students yet they were shot and killed.

  • Tito Santana

    Greatest insurrection in history by these thugs. FBI need to name all republican voters as public enemy #1

  • jblakeinc

    SO…these are the guardians of “civilized W(hite)estern society”, the finest examples of “the superior race”….huh? The champions of freedom worshipping fascism, those “free thinkers” who only listen to the words of their Orange Leader, who hates pigmented people as he and his Barbie wife shellac bronzer and tanning makeup on themselves daily??

    INcredible, the level of psychopathic hypocrisy.

  • Lobo

    Get them! Get them ALL… Don’t stop investigating 1-6-21. Don’t stop charging & prosecuting every last one.
    Not in my country, not in the USA, will we allow them to go scot free. No Way! No How! Get Tr**p, too. 🇺🇸

  • SonOf McGringus

    Yes. Fantastic job piecing this together Evan. It's so fantastic there SHOULD be no problem filling the prison with the Confederate traitors.

  • Theresa Medrano

    They should also be charged with the murder of the people who died because of them. Or at least Trump and his cronies with murder they incited this insurrection! That includes all the Republicans that helped Trump with the insurrection! Justice must be served. Dangerous people!

  • Patricia Lucious

    I heard some Republicans saying it was antifa tho we can see with our own eyes. But that investigation u don't wanna have, says a lot doesn't it ?

  • Everett St. Claire

    The "law and order" party hard at work. Blue lives matter? What a joke. Let's combine Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota and create Trumplandia (or Dummyville).

  • Lisa Garcia

    Lot of hate there tell me what for only you truly know why as I can see a different story you're not fighting for freedom you are not fighting because you are poor you are not fighting because someone's killing you because of the color of your skin you are fighting because you do not want change change is here it's here to stay you can like it or not that's your prerogative mine is don't be killing people because of the color of their skin some are there doing that that's the problem I'm not out there killing you because you're white why is it so hard to talk about it race ?💯❤️✌️

  • Indy Dog

    Too bad the government did not put this much effort on the 9-11 hijackers, yes the FBI dropped the ball and got 3K Americans killed.

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