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Russia threatens invasion of Ukraine

On “This Week,” Ian Pannell reports on rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia after traveling to the region.


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  • Alan Rochin

    You have Russians posing as Ukrainian separatist causing ,exacerbating Ukraine’s confrontation against these people knowing full well Russia is meddling politically and now militarily

  • chen kun

    -We should always fight for the weak against the strong.
    -Well, why don't we send troops to Ukraine to fight the Russians?
    -The Russians are too strong.

  • Ic37r011

    They need to just leave people alone Russia is already huge as it is. There are doctors, lawyers tech people now in the reserve training in case it gets bad. This could be an extremely bloody and costly just let people live their lives.

    We are seeing the possible starting of a world war if you’re talking about Russia invading another country and then emboldening China to take Taiwan that’s going to be really ugly

  • M gronich

    From the comments, the US propagand has been very effective. Folks in the US and W. Europe have bought into the Washington narrative. THe Russian narrative is they don't want US nukes in Ukraine. They are willing to negotiate. Russia is not going to invade Ukraine. The american "position" is Russia has no say on what goes on in Ukraine, if our puppet in Ukraine lets us, we'll put Nukes in Ukraine.But the US narrative is Russia is going to invade, we must deter Russia. The phrase Russia is preparing to invade is repeated again and again. The true goal of all this is We want NordStream-2 shut down. We tried using Iran style sanctions against Germany, it didn't work. NS-2 could add 50 B/yr to Russia's budget, their total defense budget is only 65B/yr. The propaganda is working. By repeatedly accusing Russia of being ready to invade, and backed up by the main stream media repeating this, Germany has now publicly stated it will shut down NS-2 if Russia expands its involvement in Ukraine. What's leading up to this is US arms to Ukraine has ramped up including Turkish combat drones. Ukraine is now in a position to win in Donbass. The US says Russia will be ready to invade as early as Jan. That might mean 1 of 2 things. NS-2 will be certified in Jan (Russia might attack after that) or Ukraine army will start campaign to take all of Easter Ukraine in jan. What will Russia do? The only near term alternative is to send more "volunteers" (mercenaries) to reinforce the rebels and supply them with advanced weapons that can counter the new weapons supplied by the US. (Of course the US is sending more stuff into Ukraine as well, preparing for the final take over.) But while waiting for Jan, US will lobby Germany to not certify Nord stream-2 until Ukraine has won over the rebels and joined NATO.
    Putin can't do much to get back at the US. (at least in the Ukraine) He can ask try to hit US troops (Syria) by using proxies in Syria. But the US army is probably expecting that.

  • Mohamed Hadi

    West should stop massing weapons around Russia. You are playing with a sanke don't aggressiate and regret the consequences later.

  • Gregory O

    If the Germans can make something even better than the Javelin and deploy it to the Ukraine super fast which Germas sure can do Germany can flip the script on silly Moscow

  • Rick Martin

    Ukraine does not belong with Russia. They belong in NATO. The Ukrainian people have a long history of fighting the Russians and resisting their totalitarian overreach. Millions of Ukrainians died resisting Stalin's Soviet Union.

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