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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

RT America Enrique Rivera takes a look at Russia’s new security proposal to NATO. This comes at a time of heightened tension between East and West over Ukraine’s political crisis. We examine the history of NATO’s relationship with Russia and shed light on the current situation.

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26 thoughts on “Russia sends NATO, US new security proposal”
  1. NATO will never give up Their weapons in the countries mentioned they will continue to expand its simple they have already gotten away with to much so they will not stop

  2. Its better for the "parties" concerned to come to the negotiation table. A thorough discussion must be conducted. Its not easy & thers no quick fixes. BUT a solution can be found. Even if it means a "bull session" 🤣😃🤣😁🤣🤣🤣 honesty is still the best policy.

  3. Wow! Here's the draft contract. We've signed it in anticipation. The ball's in your court. Will you sign it?
    Great offer waiting to be accepted. We shall see for ourselves how the other side respond.

  4. Here's an advice for Mr. Putin: build missile sites in Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, then sit back and watch how these hypocrites would react. 😂

  5. Why would Russia invaded Ukraine when its was Russia who stop US and NATO from invaded Syria and other countries that US and NATO have on their invasion list I think NATO is using Ukrainian as a bogeyman to get around Russia stopping them from invading other countries such as Syria, Yemen and Iran we know these countries still on NATO invading list

  6. Russians already know that Nato will not accept this. Next step is bringing nuclear weapons as close as possible to American boarders, get ready for show

  7. A wise man seeks peace and stability and unwise man seek war and destruction.
    Hopefully, president Biden will follow the path of peace and stability in the world. And when he does that his name will be written among the great men in America history, and in fact, in the world. Blessed are those who seeks peace.

  8. Mr. Stoltenberg, stop misleading the world Russia is no threat to no one but NATO is because is surrounding the Russian borders with missiles and invading other countries in the name of democracy.

  9. Good day everyone, my testimony goes like this, i was once in herpes patients, but I thank God today for sending a wonderful man which is Dr itepu for using his harbal medicine to cure me, doc I will forever be greatful to you Sir.

  10. Russia already attacked America in the cyberworld. De Facto war has already begun. America should not negotiate with this murderer. Let him invade Ukraine and give America a reason to add a lot of troops in every country in Eastern Europe and Finland followed by sinking the Russian economy. Russia will lose, just like the Soviet Union lost.

  11. Russia spends 60 billion on the army /year Nato spends 1.3 Trillion .. Russian standard pension is what 100$ ? .. Russia is on dreaming mode.. Naked emperor

  12. US and NATO have no interest in development and prosperity for others. They will try to destroy and beat down any country that shows green shoots development without them getting a large cut of the money. Just like the Mafia they will take you out if you try to be independent.

  13. Can somebody tell me what this threat to Russia is from NATO. Can somebody tell me which country in Europe wants its flag to fly on territory where presently the Russian flag flies?

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