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RT America forced to register as a ‘foreign agent’

The Kremlin-funded TV channel, RT America, says it will comply with a demand by the US government to register as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice. But the network says it will challenge the issue in court.

The US government has claimed that the network traffics in conspiracy theories and is essentially a propaganda arm for the Kremlin.

RT – previously known as Russia Today – says it presents the Russian view on global events and covers stories ignored by Western mainstream media.

Now it’s been forced to register as a foreign agent under a World War II law that worked to block pro-Nazi propaganda.

The network will have to provide regular reporting on its activities and flag all funds it receives from the Russian government.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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  • Elvenkind

    Both RT and Al Jazeera does a very bad job at trying to look like intellectual, left-leaning, liberal providers of a "free press", but just don't put their critical view on their own, dictatorial and oppressive governments and peoples. Instead they just join the free press already functioning in the western world, and try to copy and also frequently invite various western, left-wing writers that never get tired of complaining about their own "horrible" governments. Other popular guests are activists and "whistleblowers" and to portray these as martyrs, commenting on how unjust it is that spies are treated as spies, while simultaneously being silent as the grave about simply politicians in their own countries that are murdered, abused, tortured and jailed, just because they want some of the human rights and the democracy as in the western world.

  • Matthew, Shee Chong Lee

    Time RT or any media company investigate the countless times and the extent of usa interference in other countries politics and their evil intentions in regime change , even in the Hong Kong protesters and Hong Kong is part of China and usa should not interfere in China's internal politics. Time and again usa has been bullying smaller nations just because they are most advanced nation in terms of weapons.

  • 3X P

    How come Archie America does not have a comment line that's about the most leftist group out there and I really believe that if you're going to broadcast in the United States then you should at least have a comment line where the American people can voice their opinion because I can watch about 20 minutes of any one of your shows and be sick of my f**** stomach put a comment line out there and let us voice our opinion either that or get off our airways

  • Fusion Super

    AlJazeera. A state-television mainstream media outlet. Must have named the station after AlQaeda. The worse name for a news station.

  • Catira App

    Why don’t they make CNN registered “foreign agent” . Its crazy how the government gets to terminate and punish people who they consider out of line. Its kind of scary if you step out or speak out they throw the law agains you. It will reach a point where people will retaliate if it come to point that we feel smothered. You cant agains “the people”

  • Dowlphwin

    Kirchick – Brookings Institute. LOL. Such a punchface.
    Interesting to observe the Al Jazeera bias in reporting on such things. A skillful selectiveness. The advantage of very short segments, because easier to swallow for the rabble, too.

  • Holly

    and the second now russia talks about america stations need to be foreign agents in russia even amnesty international is ATTACK OF FREE PRESS but this cant be attack on free press nono u forget usa is the good guys they can do something wrong right ? …

  • Gia Wou

    US government functions with  predator-mindset. Any prostitute who defend US government force RT to register as foreign agent is no less than a predator.

  • ckthegreat100

    RT definitely has an agenda and biases. But so does every news outlet. Even aljazeera. They are no more biased than MSNBC or fox.

  • Xtremedia01

    RT is a better network than all the others including al-Jazeera CNN, BBC … You do pre interviews… You try to shape the narrative one way… I hope next week when cnn and the likes have to register as foreign agents there would be no fuss… It's all good.

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