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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Royals Report: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcome baby girl

In this week’s Royals Report, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have welcomed their second child together. The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to their baby girl Lilibet Diana last week in California. BBC royal correspondent Sarah Campbell joined CBSN AM with more details.

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  • Tanya aka Sasha Damian

    Those royal reporters and the firm using every opportunity to smear Harry and Meghan. Look out! Your racism is showing again for all to see.

    How dare you defame the Sussex.babies Your shenanigans have been memorialized online and print media for all to see.

    2 Major Apologies and firings and her royal sweetness Miss Lilibet Diana is less than a week old.

    Shame on you.

    Compare Sussex babies to other royal baby reporting😶

    The Emperors New Clothes indeed. We see YOU and your NAKED racism.

  • Billy Hill

    name that cuz her parents wanted her to be named Jack that that too damn hard to understand the half the name of baby a certain thing

  • alisen

    Welcome Lilibet! It’s a lovely old name that was used in Europe. It’s also the name of a beautiful flower white with a violet hue🌸 “agapanthus Lilibet” or African lily…

  • Melieka Anaekwe


  • True GA Champion

    When Biden and his crew are wrecking the country this is the news you have? What a joke CBS has become. How about real news like you used to bring us?

  • Genius1107

    Megan says the royal family is racists then proceeded to name their baby after their racist grandmother. These narcissists have no shame.

  • trail mark

    When truth doesn't work.

    This is what I tried to publish online… With bullying to suicide being taught in middle school, trolls are constantly being reminded that it is misery they have chosen for their life's work until the day they die. Life is not the Jerry Springer show although most trolls probably wish it was.

    If I was a troll and I read this online I would not feel that good in what I am doing. Pushing buttons is what I do for fun I do not like someone saying that misery is my life's work.

    What is sad is social media censors these comments so people will not feel bad. I wonder if they understand the next time a child commits suicide they took a hand in allowing it to happen.… Sympathy, or to put another way public relations to the flag does not get to the bottom of the truth. I can still remember the days when the news used to care about reporting the truth not just political correctness to the flag.

  • Dia Atkin

    Maybe they get hunter biden as spokesman "dat niga" right. Biden learned it from somewhere maybe daddy in the " jungle "

  • Joanna LaKisha Jackpot

    OMG! That meghan is a stalker! She is so obsessed with the queen and princess diana…poor harry! And I'm sure the baby will be a beautiful white girl just like her mother and her father who will soon come out as a girl ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ They are so WOKE, surprised they didn't say their CHILD instead of daughter. Because "it" hasn't decided what gender will be when grows up? 😂😂😂

  • Zero Cool

    This dude used to be an Apache helicopter pilot.
    Now he's doing podcasts talking about his daddy issues and Joe Rogan 🤣

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