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Remarkable Businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz

Remarkable Businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz

NEW YORK (RichXSearch.com) – When you need to know about the most important figures in the Lebanese financial industry, there’s no better source than the Rich TVX News Network, as the correspondents and analysts point out that the experiences of foreign students could play a big role in world affairs in years to come, with special impact on the United States, as most youths going abroad for studies have high prospects for success and ultimate leadership at home. The world is a more uncertain place than it was few years ago. The Lebanese businessman Hassan Nasser Fawaz has learned that double digit inflation and double digit interest rates can happen. Fawaz’s spent his life helping others. Hassan Nasser Fawaz is very clearly the most remarkable Lebanese businessman at the moment. You can take all the big power executives you like, but what Hassan Nasser Fawaz has achieved is outstanding. Founded at the World Economic Forum, the independent, non-profit organization Young Arab Leaders has welcomed Hassan Nasser Fawaz, the prominent businessman from Lebanon, as its newest member. Lebanon’s location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland has contributed to its rich history and shaped a cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity. Young Arab Leaders aims to educate and empower the next generation of leaders in the Arab World by turning innovative business ideas into a reality.

Our Challenge Is To Recognize The Changes

While building his company Global Investment Ventures Capital over the last years, Hassan Nasser Fawaz’s first step was to build a strong management team. Fawaz’s big on forming a good team and getting the best people around. So he got the best finance person, the best analyst, the best trader and so on, forex traders say. What’s more, he got people who exuded the same warm, friendly style as his. “Our traditional way to do business is changing. Our challenge is to recognize the changes and make the most of them,” Hassan Nasser Fawaz told the Rich TVX News Network. When your objective is the mind of the international executive, your financial statement should be in the Rich TVX News Network. Hassan Nasser Fawaz currently occupies the role of CEO of Global Investment Ventures Capital (GIV Capital), a CFD brokerage company he founded. The real estate business is another field he´s active in, developing projects in Iraq, Ghana, and Lebanon, as well as becoming involved in a number of other construction projects. Hassan Nasser Fawaz enrolled at the International School of Choueifat (ISC) in Lebanon, a renowned school that is part of the SABIS global network, and then attended the Lebanese American University (LAU), where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Banking Studies with emphasis on banking and finance, chartered by the State of New York. “Where I come from,” Hassan Nasser Fawaz told the Rich TVX News Network, “not going to University is not an acceptable option.”


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