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Record Number of Americans Quitting & China Properties Get Boost, Despite Evergrande

The United States has seen a record number of its workers quit their jobs in August in the midst of an ongoing labor shortage. Professor Richard Wolff joins the program to discuss the figures and the factors driving the surge. And William Shatner has officially become the oldest person to reach space after Blue Origin’s successful Wednesday launch. On Boom Bust, we bring you a look from the legendary moment. Plus, China’s burdened property market has been upgraded by Morgan Stanley, despite the ongoing woes of the nation’s Evergrande Group. Boom Bust’s Christy Ai and Dean John Quelch of the Miami Herbert Business School bring us up to speed on the developments in the world’s second-largest economy.

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  • Lugard Stephen

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • Andy Wong

    As I have discovered, liberal western democracy has failed mankind. So is capitalism. So where do we go from here? Certainly not communism, but maybe, just maybe socialism with Chinese characteristics. Oh boy 👦.
    Let see how the world move on in the next 10 years.

  • BR225

    Sooooo… the most powerful and wealthy nation on earth has been operating it's biggest and most important shipping port on a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 schedule up until now as regular policy. That is so monumentally stupid, and so typically us (American) that it doesn't surprise me in the least. I have a pretty strong suspicion that there are other major commercial ports around the world, in other countries, that have been operating on a 24/7 basis for decades. We're just having that dim, flickering, single light bulb with the fly buzzing around it go off now for the first time. File this one under DUH.

  • Black_No_Sugar

    Never seen Christy Ai this fresh and pretty before !!!
    Less is more is so true on her 😊😋

  • hedge hog

    I hope all people quit and stop paying their bills. That’s would be a strike for the history books^^ No unions can reel that back in XD

  • Stikibits

    Evergrande is just a poxy business. It makes fark all difference to China if they go bust.
    China isn't corrupt and stupid unlike the USA, so no business is "too big too fail".
    It's one of the reasons China is a decent country and the USA is a crazed, corrupt and tyrtannical hellhole run of, by and for white-collar psychopaths.

  • George Abraham

    It's kind of hard to get a plain mens robe.. I knitted a few TAM's a while back.. apparently we live in a world where people havn't distinguished between god fearing and non god fearing people.. It's not like we are into pretencous behavior or don't display any less of the usual human vanities like birds do… we are just watchfull.. but yah… The volcano at luciana is like Ezekiel's vision… God sent Ezekiel to diva next to Israel.. to eat cow shit in sight because they won't hear shit.. so eating shit is just fine, Ezekiel made it look good that's how impeccible he was as a person not wheened on money… It's only Izrael that would be run away from balloons… and put cow shit on the world list for causes of climate change etc… a few times in history the cow shit cookies etc made a comeback.. even causing world shortages.. We have to worry about piss now.. because Israel is open to accept any world piss offerings… The volcano has to do what it has to .. what can you do about it.. jamamma's doing her thing… This lunacy is political agendas from non god fearing nations… Bil gates is not the savioiur and does not present the way or only way… You all have to be carefull what you are doing to yourselves.. because we aint doing nothing.. Anyone selling Dagona?

  • Glen Wallace

    Professor Woff seemed to side step the issue of mandates a bit, claiming instead the unions aren't against vaccines in general. But the question still hangs of whether unions are against vaccine mandates in particular; and I believe they are and Wolff should have said so specifically. All vaccine mandates that make getting them as a requirement for continued or future employment is an act of coercion, regardless of whether or not the vaccination requirement was reached after negotiations with any union. Coercion is still wrong with or without union support for them.

  • henriette alkhouri

    Does this decline in the U.S. means that it will create the conditions to go to war to divert attention from the chaos and decline, to rid it self of the old weapons, and set the MIC on another spree of manufacturing more killing machines?.

  • henriette alkhouri

    Why don't Biden, and his administration divert all the efforts of v. clever people in the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and the army that is good for nothing but invading and killing innocent people in other countries, to work and serve their country the best way that any sane economist will agree to?

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