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Q&A-Sessions Part 1: StoneBridge & STHLM Esq ft Michel Young – Running

World Exclusive: StoneBridge Answers Fans’ Most Asked Questions

It all began with a random conversation in the heart of Stockholm, which lead to a unique question: What would happen if three of Sweden’s finest R&B, Pop & House music producers were locked in a studio for a weekend? The answer is StoneBridge & STHLM Esq with their new single “Running”.

The GRAMMY nominated Stockholm based electronic dance music producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, and artist StoneBridge is currently in full stride with his music. StoneBridge is an incredibly talented electronic dance music producer and DJ with a well defined style and quality. In an interview with Rich TVX News, Swedish Superstar DJ StoneBridge discussed about his new track “Running”, which features collaboration with Michel Young.


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