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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Prince Harry opens up about his mental health l GMA

The Royal discusses EMDR therapy, which treats depression and anxiety by recalling past traumatic experiences and replacing the emotions associated with it.

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  • PhoebeAndMe

    Truly EMDR saved me. I’ve been doing sessions for 7 months and it’s amazing how your brain can reprocess trauma. It’s been a life saver.

  • K Suhartini

    Harry is a loose canon.. way over psychologically treated… Full of self awareness, me me me, blaming everyone for his problems…. He needs a real job, real responsibility…. Enough, you look ridiculous

  • Blanca Morris

    Harry and wife want privacy but they’re making sure they have Oprah with her cámaras around to show us a very private part of Harry’s life. Who wants ro see him doing therapy? As a mental health patient myself, I always go to my psychiatrist alone and my therapies are very private. Shame on Oprah for punching this promotional money making brand H & M. “Privacy is not silence ” said Oprah, but they’re being allowed by Oprah to not be silent and tell us lots of lies every time they open their mouth. Shame on everyone n this series.

  • A'Leesha Lowe

    Way to go Harry. I love how he and his wife Meghan are hanging in there. Speaking out about the injustices of life and winning while doing so! The best is yet to come!💓

  • Laura Becky

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  • Chad Bradley

    This dude is such a fucking pussy. He's literally set for life, has zero financial issues and will never. Doesn't have to work a 9-5 etc. and constantly complains about his life. Talk about priveledge.

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