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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Presidents Biden and Xi – friends or foes? – BBC News

Human rights, trade concerns, and now an investigation into the origin of Covid.

US President Joe Biden’s biggest foreign policy challenge is with China, but how is he handling the relationship and how is it different from his predecessor Donald Trump’s approach?

The BBC’s Zhaoyin Feng reports.

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  • Shane Westwoll

    Biden is a dumb puppet that World Leaders humor just like your senile old grandpa. They know biden is as weak as soggy toast so whatever they want he will appease them. Good job America. Everybody is laughing 😅at you

  • Randall Taylor

    Biden’s are bought bycChina 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and the Hooker hHarriss is all in tooo🤥😢

  • Mc Dyse

    Hong Kong is a social military exercise in repression and armed forces against innocent civilians.

    India has the markings of a show of military power against other military and covid is a much broader attempt at human depletion.

    It covers the whole unfotunate spectrum.

    Do you know how obserd it sounds a world wide pandemic and disease spread illness that has now killed 3.5 million came from a bat.

    If that is the case it was put their deliberately as a reasonable excuse to fall back on or to be used to shift the blame!

    And if this was the case human scientists would of detected the possibilties and eradicated and destroyed it because prevention is better than cure. Especially within these parameters!

    Also to add to this act upon act Tiawans an out an out war playground and a test in other alliances commitments to helping Tiawan.

    Like all the man made islands they built around the circumference of the island they'll make Tiawan into a war platform to springboard off from to use as a decoy from the mainland.

    It will get to a stage in dictatorship in which they'll either be a pure decision to invade and pushing on or backing out to recolonise and reanalyse another war attempt in just another way.

    Wheather it be another 'country' used its all the same and all evidence or human instinct will convertly point back to the same dictators!

    Its sacrificial chess but with extroadinary calculated moves. Thats what it has become!

    I strongly believe this is their attempts as to getting a similiar Ukraine!

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  • Thomas Wright

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