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President Joe Biden holds bilateral meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden holds bilateral meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

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  • AruniusMaximus

    1. The only good thing about Joe Biden is that he keeps Kamala Harris from becoming President.
    2. The only progressing thing about Joe Biden is his dementia.
    3. The only thing Joe Biden is getting accomplished is rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump.

  • Vic Alexander

    Pres. Joe Biden, what makes you think you can let the former nightclub bouncer Pope Francis to keep my $1 billion dollars insurance money my Jewish CIA father Nimrud John Malik Kambar left under my name Victor Nimrud Alexander? Just because you can? Are you a dictator like Hitler, who imprisoned 20,000,000 Jews in Nazi concentration camps of which six million perished, starved to death and cremated in Nazi ovens? Wasn't Hitler a Catholic like you? Wasn't Pope Pius XII a Catholic like you? How much longer are you going to hoodwink the American people into thinking you are not a criminal and a thief worse than Judas? Victor Isaac Alexander

  • ctwatcher

    We're selling crack, tell him we'll make our money under the table now, no feeding the pedo's and the traitors to Chyna and their dirty aids. We see them all, tell them Joe, tell them what you'll let Hunter do to their kids that should have been swallowed.

  • Hiking C. Blackwell

    It's sucks that this war is still going on.

    2021 is the worse year I ever had and year 2024 is going to get even worse.

  • Bobby Womack

    They messed up badly doing what they did, people still going to vote but they know now that their vote wont count!!!

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