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Tuesday, May 24News That Matters

President Biden says Colonial Pipeline has reached full operational capacity | USA TODAY

Biden says the pipeline has reached full operational capacity, but warns it will ‘take some time.’
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President Joe Biden said Thursday the nation’s largest fuel pipeline was at full operational capacity a week after it was halted following a cyberattack, but warned that replenishing gas supply would “take some time.”

Biden said he expects to see fuel shortages to improve regionally this weekend and continuing into next week.

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  • viraj ingale

    I am from India thanks for your support to Israel 🇮🇱 India 🇮🇳 Love usa 🇺🇸❤ and biden is strong president 💪 salute you after Trump he is another strong persone Salut you sir 👍

  • Jeremy Two

    How can we sell the Flu as a pandemic? Change the name I guess. If I could call a Ford Escape a Mercedes SUV. We could make a lot of money. We can back it up with false media and a medical technicality!

  • Grey WoLf

    Why no news about the murder of a single democracy Americans Zionist Israel to the Palestinians that we could take the whole world to chaos, war and greed we just dragged into the rich have more money to the oil companies will end, why those corrupt senators and your managers for the Zionists doesn't say a single sentence

  • Sad Sadif

    Joe said that "the Russians didn't do it… but the people that did it live in Russia". UH… ok bud. And how much ransom did we pay them? What a joke.

  • Sad Sadif

    FIRST THING Biden did was to SHUT DOWN THAT OTHER PIPELINE… NOW he's saying that having a pipeline is VERY VERY IMPORTANT?! Which one is it JOE?! The left – y'all are a bunch of virtue signaling hypocrites at EVERY TURN!

  • Genaro Alvarado

    No gas for a few days ….. I guess they dont know what they have until they dont have it anymore …… I wonder what would happen if they run out of gas for a year .. Probably death and mayhem…. Fortunally there is an oil reserve … But when that low on the account of inflation amongs other variables then wow ……. Gas dont really want it until you need it gas you dont really care for it until you are completly out of it …. Gas you dont really know how important it is until you see how much food gets transported because of it gas you dont really care for it until you realize it has kept you alive thru many cold winters and hot summers …. Yes gas is an essential part of humanity appreciate it cause when its gone its gone for ever …

  • Nightwing690

    They blame it on Russia but I guarantee you Biden and Harris are the ones responsible for the pipeline hack they're trying to force the green New Deal on us

  • Jesus The one the only

    Isn’t it funny when I said what they were doing is trying to spread fear again. I use to reset these things and all it takes is a day when all hands are on deck to do the check valves and report in pressures and activity throughout a restart program simple really but they want you to fear losing gas. I say fear not going solar since they can’t secure a pipeline in the United States. I mean has this even happened before. I bet not but guess what I beat it cost you more and me more at the pump. They are price gouging and setting the shortage for it. Then they’ll spread more fear of global shortages in all areas to cause you to fear them or their products. It’s amIng to me g
    How these people are here to protect us but instead are using us and spreading fear over guns, gas, the NRA, over the virus, over traveling across the world, but you bet your sweet ass private jets are going everywhere right now and did during the pandemic, oh plandemic I forget again! This is such horse shit I call foul! I believe that my father needs to come here to at once and we will cleanse the earth of all evil once and for all!

  • DeleteMYaccountAGIAN

    Everything that Biden has reversed of Trump's policies, have backfired. Then again maybe it's going exactly as planned…. 'Operation Destroy America' in full swing

  • End Times Preaching

    Biden has confused Colonial Pipeline with Colonial Times. That's when he believes he was made a US Senator. This is elder abuse. The man is obviously suffering from moderate to severe dementia. Poor fool thinks 80 million people voted for him. He is nothing more than a corporate puppet. It's sad, really.

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