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President Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting | USA TODAY

US President Joe Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting.


Amidst continuing Covid-19 concerns and infrastructure negotiations, President Bidens holds his second full Cabinet meeting.


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  • Bee free

    He must be ready for a lid nap. Such a liar, he created all these jobs, when it’s just reopening of business. A career corrupt lying politician, selling his snake oil.

  • Kim Bourne

    He’s the president of the USA for god sakes the Covid is high in red across the us again we are suffering drowning food costs have doubled single person can not live on fixed income economy is crashing focus on $$$) help instead of the bs

  • Tony Stone

    3 million jobs lmao.. that is because everyone was fired because covid. He didn't create jobs. People just went back to work that was shut down. This guy doesn't think we can actually think clearly unlike him.. who can't read a teleprompter

  • arcademaster1

    Biden actually believe ls he’s the smartest man in the room…. just like he graduated college with 3 degrees and top of his class….. the bigger fools are those who voted for him because trump tweets mean things

  • Granny Lisa

    Blabber, blabber, long pause, staring off into space…sounds fascinating. I'd rather get a tooth pulled, or go through labor than sit in that meeting!

  • 0 0

    It'd be nice if he could do at least one speech without reading a teleprompter or paper 6 inches from his face the entire time.

  • JChris Carter

    It cannot be denied….Democrats and Fauci funneled money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain of function research on the Corona Virus and then released it upon the American People and the World to topple the Democratically elected government in America. USA Today chose side against the American People and joined in the genocide against us….ALL must be held to account and removed from the public square to be prosecuted for what they have done…

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