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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

President Biden delivers first address to a joint session of Congress — 4/28/2021

Watch President Joe Biden deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. The White House on Wednesday outlined the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, the second piece of the president’s more than $4 trillion economic recovery program. It calls to expand paid leave and free pre-K, make child care and higher education more affordable, and extend tax credits for families passed as part of the coronavirus relief bill this year.

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President Biden delivers first address to a joint session of Congress — 4/28/2021


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  • Connor MacManus

    Looked at the price of everything lately? Wonder where all those trillions they print out of thin air go? Might want to think a little and put those two thoughts together.

  • Amy Cheah

    Maybe America is not that free as they claim if this dump could be president of the so called free world against it's citizens , America is gone forever

  • Tuco Salamanca

    Every video of this dope has triple the down votes and he got 81 million votes to get elected?? Right…

  • Audrius Petrikas

    If Lithuania never agrees, because it fails to pay 80 billion, and Germany 200 billion. America needs to be stripped of their lands for that, roughly for such sums… I think that Germany and Lithuania should be cut off from the sea here and that territory should already be considered America.

  • Ed KOster

    mr biden i am so glad you won the election. all the frustration that the orange man caused was so exhausting for the world. Congratulations

  • Gabdounia Amplias Amplias

    This speech is very rich.The practice of it will be more important than never.May God be always with US I like United Stars of America.Thanks

  • Anonymous

    United States of America phone carrier MetroPCS won't unlock my phone after 180 days because Verizon pales historically mapped lines but are phones depreciated as we growed. I cant move a phone if i paid $900 after Metro's $200 iPhone discount. The carriers aren't unlocking the cell phones

  • spymaine89

    best pick for audit in new Hampshire, if you are CCP / NWO/ globalist /
    ''Verified Voting'' may be the worst pick to perform the audit in New Hampshire’s Windham County based on its associates alone. Remember, birds of a feather flock together….On Monday night, the Windham Board of Selectmen held a public meeting to discuss their choice of an analyst for the forensic audit team that will investigate the largest discrepancy between machine and hand counts for any election in the history of New Hampshire. This meeting was already shrouded in controversy when the Town Administrator . https://www.windhamnh.gov/ WHO AND WHY , = board of Selectmen
    Contact Physical Address ……….. call 432 7732
    4 N Lowell Rd
    Windham, NH 03087 .Mailing Address
    3 N Lowell Rd
    Windham, NH 03087….Phone: 432-7732
    Fax: 965-1233



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