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Police officer says 'chaos reigns supreme' as crime surges in San Francisco

Lt. Tracy McCray, San Francisco Police Officers Association Vice President, tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ brazen thefts are an ‘everyday occurrence’ in the city. #FoxNews

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  • old guy's music

    The typical democrat response to these problems is to find someone or something to blame and then throw more money at that problem.
    Nothing changes and no real action takes place, but these mayors and other politicians can then say that they "are doing everything they can" to stop the crime.
    Innocent people pay the price while the politicians cry about needing more money to spend.

  • Shoreline Dirt

    If the White House had a backbone instead of other gun control motives this would be stopped in a heartbeat.

  • old guy's music

    There are NO deterrents in place in San Francisco to stop people from committing crimes. The police arrest, or don't, and the criminal is out the door before the paperwork is finished.

  • old guy's music

    San Francisco's district attorney recently announced that he will no longer be doing his job properly and won't be prosecuting certain "petty" crimes, such as shoplifting, breaking into cars, selling illegal drugs on the streets and other misdemeanors.
    He feels "sorry" for these criminals. isn't that nice! He thinks those criminals have a right to steal from other people. He probably thinks protesters have a right to loot and burn down private or public property, too.

  • Mike Goodness

    San Francisco's become a sh**hole, I grew up there. So what should we do. I know let's promote San Francisco congresswoman Pelosi to speaker of the house, and former City mayor Feinstein to the United States Senate, former DA Harris to Vice President and former Mayor Newsom, Pelosi's nephew to Governor. When they say as California goes so goes the rest of the Country…..they mean it!

  • Meditate and Calm Yourself

    This police officer has more common sense than everyone on the city council of San Francisco combined!!

  • Katrina M

    Was just in SFO over weekend. (left a few days earlier than planned because I don't like it there) It's alarming how the people respond to this…they take it as normal, one person even went as far to excuse this thuggery suggesting ppl were in need. I swear people that vote are getting what they ask for.

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