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Pentagon Whistleblower: UFO Encounters Warped Spacetime

In a recent interview with GQ magazine, former Pentagon intelligence officer Luiz Elizondo hints that military pilots experienced a host of physical reactions to encounters with UFOs, including radiation burns, brain morphology, and the warping of spacetime.

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    We have watched In the heart of the Sea

    That was a movie that should never be watched with a bad internet connection… luckily I found a better website … because I had a bad start…

    I want to watch it again with a VR headset… my God this was a wild trip…

    Now… whose idea was to go chasing whales to light up your path to the bathroom at night…?

    Didn't they heard of hemp oil back then…?

    Hempsworth should have known!

    It's completely mental… I mean… words don't match this experience… I still got goosebumps… and a stomach cramp

    To think that it was the guy from Happy Daze who made this movie… just had to the madness of it all

    Now… you want to know about the boring stuff… with medusa inc… well… it's all confidential… but let's try

    No… it's just so sad and mad that this thing gave birth to my brothers and I… I wish I could go back in time and talk to the doctor… any adoptions would have been better than this combo… no debates about it

    It's Hillary and Bill Gates having a child… and then you have Biden as your uncle… and… well… maybe not… I think that's a stretch… but… less and less

    They went to church… they are doing "humanitarian" work… it's beyond…. the amount of window dressing they are putting out there to hide the truth that wasn't spared to the kids….

    It's now to see it now as opposed to when I was a kid… just wondering when I would be getting out… away from these freaks

    On the good side… it's getting easier and easier to show that reality to anyone who cares to pay attention… because… their lies are so thick… I did swallow some of them myself… until quite recently

    They want to destroy anything that experience joy in this world… they feel sick at the idea of someone else's happiness… you got to see it to believe it… the total reversal of the natural world…

    The Gods are telling me that their time is about to end soon… and that my friends… is not something I would want to mister… not even thor all the weed in the whole wide world

  • eternal Doorman

    The truth is too strange for me Lori. I don't like weirdness! I just want live like a human being. The aliens can do alien shit, I don't mind. They're aliens, that's what aliens do! How about going hiking in Yellowstone in the snow, with big warm sleeping bags and a tent and warm boots, and lots of chocolate? I'd really love that.

  • Bob the Slacker

    Sketchy Facts. They can create Ghosts in the lab using your own brain so I don't believe pilots, the landings look brain-damaging.

  • aaron jackson

    Will the deception ever end on this planet? They've lied to the public for forever. will humanity ever demand the truth as a whole? We are the majority and they are the minority. We just accept as we cant do anything about it. Its a kabbal running the ufos secrets and their not part of our government. Rogue!

  • yousief

    You're always going to get that one nutcase; like the climate change expert going against the established evidence.I note out of the hundreds of technicians ,scientists and various astronauts who were in involved in the moon landing that there hasn't been one,a single one who claimed the moon landings were faked.So,don't listen to dipshits cos that's why Trump got

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