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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The parents of the teen charged with fatally shooting four people and wounding seven others at a Michigan high school have been charged in connection with the rampage, Oakland County Prosecuting Attorney Karen McDonald announced Friday. James and Jennifer Crumbley have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Watch McDonald announce the charges at a press conference.

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29 thoughts on “Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect charged with involuntary manslaughter”
  1. If that kid was black you better believe his parents wouldn't be in jail right now and most likely would have a bond like the School shooter in Texas

  2. this is all about being able to bear arms and buy weapons in front of your child because it should be gives the wall for you to be able to buy a gun and bring your child that's stupid people these people are coming for all right to bear arms and every other right that comes with it you do see what's going on around the world if you haven't seeing what's going on around the world like in Europe and Australia where the government took their weapons thousands of people are taking to the streets Industrial Area they even have concentration camps score covid you don't even have to test positive to be put in that camp these people want to take their weapons and take every freedom that those weapons to text wake up

  3. If they searched this kid like they do most others in school they would have found the gun themselves and crisis would be diverted

  4. Why don’t kids just go behind the school to duke it out anymore? If a teen is angry, depressed, or frustrated too many reach for a gun and go to “town”…when we were bullied in school our fathers would give us a boxing lesson…maybe some judo tricks they learned in the army…if we were rejected by girls our mothers would sit and help us through it…wtaf is going on in this country?…the logic is baffling these days…upset about politics??…grab a gun..upset at your doctor?…grab a gun…upset with your car salesman?…grab a gun…upset at school…grab a gun…does anybody see a pattern here…anyone???…this fkg country has gone insane.

  5. By admission this school did exactly what the parents are being accused of so why isn't the school being held accountable to the school could had made him leave the school could search his book bag if the school was so bothered by this drawing I mean the drawing is getting these parents charged with manslaughter

  6. Rittenhouse was a minor when he shot and killed 2…… did he get permission from his parents.? Where's the Supervision?

  7. Charging the parents because a drawing with violent depictions and help me on it makes the parents responsible this prosecutor is a straight-up piece of s*** and is taking this personally and you better wake up because they're coming for our guns

  8. This prosecutor is taking it personal she just said after seeing or drawing with help me on it because she has a child and because the parents bought a gun in front of his son legally these parents should be held accountable for what their son did let's not forget they turn their son in

  9. So any gun that stolen out of somebody's house is going to be held responsible for not locking up their guns and allowing a thief to come in steal their gun and use it in a crime this is a complete attack on our right to bear arms

  10. So is the school being held responsible for allowing that kid to go back in the class and showing all the warning signs of what was about to happen

  11. Anybody in support of these parents being held responsible are morons so what are we going to go back to the store charging every parent for what their children have done or just the ones that believe in bearing arms and their freedoms and support Trump because that's the only reason why these parents are being held accountable wake up people

  12. im ok with the parents being charged but that doesnt make it right. they're trying to make an example out of them. though this is no different than if your kids atole your keys and ran over 4 people. if the kid wanted that gun he would have gotten it someway.

  13. Nothing will change; there will be another mass shooting in a month. More lives will be lost. America is dysfunctional and toxic and in need of a good collective therapist.

  14. All 3 need to be accountable…the teenager needs help not to be put in jail he clearly a signs of a young serial killer that's needs help the parents fail to help the kid also the school who should of did something first…..this will never happen if he were black acs would of been at the school along with my parents

  15. Ironic they keep this story going, but have given up on the black racist blm advocate who ran over white grannies & kiddies.

  16. Why they didn’t charge Rittenhouse parents in Wisconsin? This accountability should be across the board but good job Michigan.

  17. The shooter’s parents and school officials are crazier than he is. Adults in charge dropped the ball on this one.

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