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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

As families of the victims mourn, there are questions over whether there should have been more surveillance on the Crumbleys before they fled.

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29 thoughts on “Parents of alleged Michigan school shooter arrested after manhunt l GMA”
  1. Good to know that these "parents" will be in jail for the rest of their fruitful life; after this; they will be poor and homeless; as they deserve ! !

  2. Children require a understanding of the importance of life as it is difficult to know the value without having experience .
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    At this point no justice will
    Prevail in these great losses .the loss is simply so great the ability of a system to repair something is futile .
    It is not a help for society at this juncture .

    People must start from scratch and build a entirely new way of life for future generations to become healthy again .

    Less cell phones , less computers , far less news media , less opinion and more good acts of kindness set examples .

    Our culture must start within ourselves to change .

    Nothing can be done or said to repair these sorrowful things now .
    The pain of one is the pain of all .

  3. My sympathies to the families effected by this tragedy
    It could’ve been prevented
    How can anyone deny that requiring a gun be locked up if a child is in the home should be law?
    Although common sense should tell them this
    Perhaps as in some states that a safety course and a permit be required for a first time gun buyer just like a hunter permit should be law no matter the age.

  4. Yes, gun problem is one of them. Yet I think the US also has parenting problem. I live in Asia and my father disciplined me the old school way. As much as it was bad and I am still resentful of some instances, I can honestly say that without those checks, I will not be as successful as I am right now.

  5. I don’t care if you use guns for hunting, self defense, or for sport at a range, JUST BE RESPONSIBLE. Your 15 year old kid is obviously not all the way together, so whyyyyy did you buy him a gun and give him free access to it? Why did you not take him to a therapist or speak to him yourself when he drew disturbing images WHILE HAVING ACCESS TO A GUN?!
    Lock these idiots up and throw away the key. We need to be stricter because these are the people causing so much strife on both sides of the gun issue. One side is scared because people like this run free and think getting rid of guns will eliminate the threat. The other side is scared their rights will be taken because of the bad decisions of idiots like these. Remove the idiots from the equation and see what a difference it will make.

  6. It’s about time that the parents would get arrested!! That might make them think twice about turning a blind eye when their psycho kid goes wild

  7. This is not right! Parents who do not care even about their own son, possibly sending him into a bad situation at school to fend for himself. He is a child and they do not know how to handle bad situations, they just want to stop it at all costs! I am not saying the children who were killed were to blame for this boy's actions, but probably someone was the catalyst! It is possible his parent's were, or other students were bullying him.

  8. Its sad you don't need a license to be a parent…far worse damage than any single gun license…..these poor families have this to remember for every Christmas for the rest of their lives. This is such a great demonstration that its not the guns that are the problem. (And I never thought I would ever say that)

  9. I blame the murder, bullies, parents, school counselors. It takes a village to raise a child and this village failed horribly .

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