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Over 70 dead with 22 tornadoes reported in South, Midwest | ABC News

Mayfield, Kentucky, Mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan discusses the devastation in her county.

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  • Elizabeth

    Blimey! We grumbled about the storms blasting over Ireland and Britain the last week but this is far beyond what we dealt with! I'm so sorry for the people affected. I hope they can recover from the horrendous tornadoes soon.

  • Yusuf Khan

    America the country that promotes invasion and murder of muslims ,will receive punisment from Allah the creator God definettly not the human created god .this is just a start of many disastors on god list for warmonger america.

  • Diana Hodges-Jackson

    It’s sad and it’s good to hear help is pouring in it would be good to hear this kind of help for peoples of color also just because we are all human God help us all too take care of each all we must love one another

  • Yusuf Khan

    I pray the same misery and deaths caused to the innocent people by america in middle east come to america.this is just the start of many distruction coming to america from God the creator and not created god.

  • Yusuf Khan

    These are the punishment to the american cities are due to the mayhem,murder and invasion caused by america in iraq,iran,libya,afghanistan ,hiroshima and nagashima.all i can say what goes around comes around.

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