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‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan talks about the hit show l GMA

Fans can look forward to season six of the show returning in March.

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  • Helena Mandygraf

    Sam Heughan "King od MEN"
    I wish him to receive as much happiness as he gives to others, that is, a lot of happiness❤️❤️❤️

  • Lindsay Embree

    Thanks so much for this quick peek into Outlander and a morning visit with the ever humble and very talented Sam Heughan. It's always a pleasure to see his smile and hear his laugh.

  • BPLBookstore

    Much better interview than the ones with Kelly and Ryan and Stephen Colbert. Lost a lot of respect for Colbert after the way he interviewed Sam Heughan.

  • elara38

    Love to see a talented, successful man that is still shy and humble! Sam Heughan is truly the whole package! Thank u for having him, i wish he had a little more time to speak about his other projects too!

  • Lisa Borta

    Sam said "adventure," not accent (why on earth would Sam refer to his own accent? He wouldn't). This interviewer confused us all for a moment, there! Sam mentions history, romance, adventure… all fine reasons to watch Outlander. 😍 Can't wait to see season 6 in March!! And Men In Kilts 2 in New Zealand, whooo! Sam & Graham, yay! I'll be interested to learn how the Scots and Maori interacted in the early settler years.

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