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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

The surge of the Omicron variant worldwide is impacting travel this holiday season. Studies show that while Omicron is less likely to result in hospitalization, but Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning Americans not to get complacent. Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden joins CBSN for more.

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18 thoughts on “Omicron surge disrupts Christmas holiday travel”
  1. We must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world: CHINA🇨🇳

    COVID-19 (China Virus)
    Xi Variant (习氏变种)

    Made in China
    China (中国)
    Output (输出)
    Virus (病毒)
    In (于)
    December (十二月)
    '19 (二零一九年)

    Wuhan Institute of Virology


  2. Covid False Positive Tests = Fascism to trick masses into feeling they got covid19 to feel bad about themselves to take poison jabs that actually spread covid19!

    Natural Immunity humans who do not fall for taking false positive tests and taking jabs are the ONLY healthy humans on Earth 😌😌😌

  3. BBB:
    1. IF you pay livable wages of $30/Hour and up to ALL Americans, THEN economy will come back from death because Americans will feel valued and dignified! Livable wage MUST grow faster by 3% compared to inflation / higher cost of living!
    2. US Government NEEDS to permanently pass into law a UBI of $3,000/Month ( tax free ) up to $36,000 a year for the bottom 50% of population perpetually!
    3. After $36,000/Year, ALL Americans pay a FLAT TAX of 3% up to $1million, 4% up to 5 million, 5% up to 10 million, 80% taxes anything after $10million.
    4. Every American from Birth can ONLY inherit or own ( no property taxes ) 1 property under 20 acres for life! Property cannot be transferred upon death to someone who already has 1 property!

  4. you have salvation and eternal life believing in Jesus Christ read in the bible Romans 10: 9 and 10 …..

  5. This is a LIE. My brother was on a flight on Christmas eve. They were offering 1500 dollars for people to switch flights because they were overbooked

    And look at those numbers. Would '5000' cancellations account for that drop. This entire segment is a lie

  6. This media coverage and others is all about scaring people and control. This variant is portrayed as a killer. It's ! Folks. Don't by into this news

  7. Omicron is just the cover story. These sick-outs were planned months ago to protest against the vaccine mandates. Let's make everybody's holiday travel as miserable as possible.

  8. Another boogeyman virus to push propaganda once again. Next will be letticron and betticron…and once that isn't successful, they'll force vaccinations or harm your everyday life. We still sleeping to their chess moves.

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