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Thursday, May 19News That Matters

NYPD officer hailed a hero during Times Square triple shooting

Officer Alyssa Vogel of the New York Police Department is being hailed a hero after picking up a young girl who was hurt in a triple shooting in Times Square and bringing her to safety. CBS New York’s Natalie Duddridge spoke to the officer and has this report.

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  • Chris Powers

    Isn't that her job and what she gets paid for? Why do we make heroes of people for doing what they were hired for ? The tow truck guy shows up in snow storm to pull you out of a ditch. Omg let's give him the medal of freedom!

  • Watchmantoday Vaughn

    Coincidental Timing of events that were Preplanned , election fraud with computers being proven, all sorts Distractions today more so! ?!… Pure unadulterated Science vs. deceit ( hopium) ?! A lot of top vaccine specialists, scientists, Drs, actual experienced vaccine makers are Concluding this new Experimental Covid 19 likely will Block the Innate Immune system response which so very wonderfully has deterred Covid 19 and other infections over time! Please Research!! This vaccine derivative Killed All ferrets( animals ) that were exposed to virus , some 2 months After experimental Vax given!! Might translate to 1 year approx. in Humans!!?! Very top experts in the field are showing you! For the Love just Look!! Wrong Timing for vaccine anyway!

  • loolikyl0005

    So she is a "hero" for just doing what she is supposed to do as a police officer?! That shows how low the bar is for USA police 😒

  • Bruce Hills

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin …

  • Wigadama

    Earthlings I wish everyone not to know the trouble for you to anyone !!! Peace and Health to all everyone. Let your loved ones delight you! Live Happily !!!

  • Ralph Wilso

    Time for us to step up and praise the many great police officers out loud with support when people put them down

  • Xinia Delgado

    If the 4 year old had been carrying, she could have returned fire. Children are entitled to safety under the 2nd Amendment. Arm them. What could go wrong? America: shooting its way to less gun violence. All praise the Sacred Gun! NRA Forever!

  • Sidney Mathious

    She is a hero and the kind of officers the department need and the kind every city, county, and state need in their department to replace those who don't deserve to be in uniform.

  • justrosy5

    A child that doesn't make a sound after being shot is most likely a child accustomed to being hit, punched, kicked, or otherwise physically abused into submission. Take note of that, NYPD…

  • Go Ahead Make My Day

    It's a shame, that a cop has to do or perform all this to be considered a good cop but when he is doing his everyday routine the people call them out, so it's only when they feel it is benefiting directly them.
    Police "show me your ID, what's your name".

    Person "I don't have to show you anything and I don't have to give you my name and I don't have to answer any questions".

    but when a cop saves a person from a car crash, a shooting he is considered a hero.

    "Oh, where would we be without you, thank god there is cop all around.

    but the people will go back to thinking and saying things about them until they save or help them, it's funny how fast and easy the mind can change switch thoughts like black to white right to wrong left or right, up or down, hot or cold, wet or dry, yes or no and when Biden's mind shut's down and "We need help, we need to call Trump to help us, cause this Harris is just fit to teach a preschool.

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