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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

No more masks for those vaccinated: Here's how the new CDC guidelines affect you | Just the FAQs

The CDC said vaccinated people no longer need masks in most indoor and outdoor places. Here’s what that means for businesses, variants and kids. RELATED: https://bit.ly/3v1iHqB

At least eight states began to lift mask mandates following the CDC’s updated guidance that fully vaccinated Americans could discard masks outdoors and in many situations indoors.

The new guidelines announced by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, represent a major step toward a return to normalcy for a nation battered and at times divided by a pandemic that has lasted more than a year.

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  • Cole M

    So phase one of the clinical trial to see who will and who will not obey is almost at an end. Now phase two will commence on how to prove who is and who isn't vaccinated.

    Just keep watching and listening to those at the top…all will be revealed.

  • Rick Yanez

    If a 3rd wave comes in like the second then yeah not good. It only took one person in usa who got covid, now almost 600k passed, yet lots vaccinated so hoping for the best!

  • Brian Thompson

    Funny thing the vaccine hasn’t even been approved by the fda but they have authorized to use on people yeah no I’m not a Ginea pig for an experimental vaccine.

  • Lisa Crimpton

    This is quite idiotic. We are nowhere near the end of this pandemic and this is one of the reasons why. Mark my words….There will be a massive spike, soon.

  • Wednesday's Child

    Nope, masks are not needed for vaccinated. You don't need to see proof, the unvaccinated can just take their chances. If there is flare up in fall, that might change. The vaccine works on all varients.

  • Acg blah

    Everyone feel free to spread these wise words when you are bullied by brainwashed sheeple.
    "That which does not breath freely and see the sunlight smells like the pits, the toes and the assholes."

  • Blasty McBlast

    I identify as someone who has been fully vaccinated so no mask for me. Hey, it works for gender dysphoria, so…

  • calielucky

    The news and the cdc is not speaking safe wise I work in an adult home and once the news got this there was an uproar from the residents who are psyched yelling we dont have to wear a mask now f you the cdc said so it was so bad on Friday working with all the yelling . All I k ow I was not sick one time this year with bronchitis and I get it 2 x a year for years so the masks to help what is the big deal is because there telling you what to do well they tell you to wear seatbelts and not talk on phone and drive I don't see people yelling about that it is for ours and others around us safety grown up people

  • steve yamaha

    "Do you know someone who is part of the experiment? They have been working on DNA changing vaccines. mRNA injection technology. Is you still you?"

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