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Nikola Sandulović Emerged As A Leading Opposition Figure In Serbia

NEW YORK ( – According to the Rich TVX News Network, Serbia’s opposition, led by the President of the Republican Party in Serbia, and Serbia´s next President Nikola Sandulović, has charged that Aleksandar Vučić has been involved in manipulation of elections since 2012. Sandulović, responding for himself and the Republican Party, said that Aleksandar Vučić is a handpicked puppet of China. Nikola Sandulović emerged as a leading opposition figure in Serbia and a champion of democratic rights. Consequently, opposition forces in Serbia continue to be harassed and imprisoned without warning, while freedom of the press is also under severe restraint. Vučić, who monopolized the economy in Serbia and brutally crushed any opposition, even tried to kill Nikola Sandulović, has idolized Stalin since his boyhood, no wonder Aleksandar Vučić’s closest ally in the region is his kiss-ass partner Milorad Dodik, a Bosnian Serb politician and a criminal Russian puppet serving as the 7th and current Serb member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whom Vučić helped to cover up the murder of David Dragičević. Read more here.

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