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Nikki Haley blasts Biden: We look like we don't know what we're doing | Brian Kilmeade Show

Nikki Haley, Former UN Ambassador, joins ‘The Brian Kilmeade’ show discuss the current president and what to expect from the GOP. #FoxNews

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  • abwhiting01

    Why is no one addressing the thousands of contractors that will remain on the payroll? Why is Nikki being interviewed as if many value her opinion? Why is Fox taking $$ to advertise AGAINST Conservatives by the supposed Republicans for securing Voting rights as if GA has done anything wrong. This is such a shadow and mirrors network these days.

  • GiantSlirpy

    Conservatives, I implore you to understand this woman is as anti-trump as any Democrat. She's not standing up for the censorship, silencing and punishment of conservatives. We have to understand, just because they talk like a conservative means nothing if their actions don't match up. Nikki Haley is a RINO.

  • Ignatius Brett

    I agree that it's bad timing to leave Afghanistan. If we totally back out it will hurt us in the end. Russia, China, and the rest are going to run wild on us, and that will end ugly. Nikki Haley, is good for America.

  • Angel Yeager

    Wow! It’s so nice to hear a political figure speak intelligently and reasonably and gives me some hope for women representing politics. I wish I had that kind of leadership in MI.


    Nikki did a great job, sadly when she left her job, she seemed to of the opinion she is smarter than our POTUS TRUMP! Then she flipped back & forth! Because of this, I no longer trust her very much!

  • Chris Sherrill

    Nikki, I respect you and felt you were a good governor of my home state, but you messed up by not realizing you needed to support Trump. It looks like you are shifting, and I hope that's true.

  • Amy Thomas

    Haley gives Biden way too much credit. He hates people like me and thinks the people (rightfully so) who support him as useful idiots. The only thing he presides over is contempt of the Constitution.

  • Frank Perri

    Niki is a trader aswell. Don't be fooled by her, when the pressure came she said she shouldn't have listened to trump. Niki the Traitor

  • DewkChronic

    Dems need the rona scare to last til 2022 for them to not lose out in midterms. So they need to have mail in votes to pull off the rest of the scam to own every election now on.

  • Katarzyna Leszczynski

    Nikki Haley is a very smart lady. I agree with her 100%. As a reminder to all – How World War II did start? – Germany and Russia get their power together and they did attack Poland in 1939. At that time Poland was much bigger, had all this land now known as Ukraine. Russia broke from Germany when all other countries start fighting together against Nazis. And than Russia "win the World War II" (according to their propaganda) against Germany and as "the price" by Jaltan Agreement (signed by Roosvelt, Churchill and Stalin) Russia received Polish land (where Ukraine is now). People of that land finally separated in 1991 from Russia and we know this land as Ukraine. Russia wants it back. How World War II did start? – Germany and Russia get their power together….They have it now together thanks to Joe Biden.

  • Tammy Rogers

    Start arresting and prosecuting BLM/Antifa rioters. These are domestic terrorists groups and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Joel

    It will take years to recover from the defunding the police policy from the Dems. More people died in Chicago, New York or California than Afghanistan over any time period in the last 5 years. Thanks to the Democrat led cities.

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