Saturday, November 27News That Matters

Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 18th

Remembering former Secretary of State Colin Powell, FBI and State Dept. team in Haiti after 17 missionaries kidnapped, conflict over Covid vaccine mandates in Chicago and beyond.

00:00 Intro
02:15 Remembering Colin Powell
05:17 Americans Kidnapped In Haiti
07:53 Vaccine Mandate Showdown
11:00 Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial
12:46 Former Miami Police Chief Speaks Out
14:51 School Lunch Shortages
16:36 China’s Major Global Infrastructure Push

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  • abderrahim anasse

    We still have the nomination of the critical position of the Chief Justice of the Supreme court.
    I propose to keep the nominee done by Donald Trump represented by:
    Mme the Judge Amy Coney Barrett
    the remaining 8 Honourable Members of the Supreme court,i suggest to C8 with the participation of
    Mme the Judge Amy Coney Barrett to split the membership between Conservative background and Secular/Democrat Background.
    If more than 50% of Society is in the conservative side,then we can go for Typical qualification of GOP & Democrats even if the Political orientation should not have any relationship with the Justice but let's keep it now like this:4 from each side

  • Pineapple Island

    In 2020 Fauci and others went on the news saying they would "never" make vaccinations mandatory and that it was against peoples' civil right to do so. WHY not give HIV/ AIDS vaccines for free? SInce COVID has a patent number, how can people trust it, knowing it was created?

  • Jennifer Cooper



    Anna: "Hotter"

    Hopi: "Sweet"

    Junie: "Smart"

    Yoongi: "Sweetheart"

    Независимость — это удел сильных духом.

  • Obed Campuzano

    Those vaccines don't work, how many vaccines do you need to take to feel safe, how many more booster shots, what a joke, the U.S is crumbling

  • Juan Lopez

    You go officers you fight for your freedom of choice more power to you. I got vaccinated because I got harass and Bully everywhere. Man!!! I couldn't go into a restaurants I couldn't go to places I needed to go in and that's literally controlling life communism……..trying to control us what's next they are going to tell us what to were and to eat………..

  • G Marshall

    I'm liberal who believes in immigration. We cannot just let everyone in who wants it. People live with this fantasy that American can take in the world. The world would do better to fix the countries then complain they can't get here.

  • abderrahim anasse

    If you have any issue to find an a Gentlmen Agreement between the Different Units on who should be the Chair of JCOS,I kindly request you and C8 Committee to work together and elect the Right Man for this position.I still remain open to any proposal you make and you have alreday my full support and acceptance of the person that you will choose for this critical position.

  • Larry Lucas

    Sub clinics charging $300.00 for a 15 minute appointment. Crooks. Plus a person has to pay for the meds. $35.00 at sub pharmacy. $300.00 at local pharmacy.

  • Bonez McGovern keeper of the philosophers stone

    Trump's words. Serves only to blue the lines between. Keeping order and. Violent insurrection.
    This can only be viewed by the government as. Apparent nefarious intent peace keepers must be just as stoic and stalwart. In the strength of restraint and forebearance as is the. Appropriate use of force to neutralize any potential. Greater collateral damage

  • Bonez McGovern keeper of the philosophers stone

    that's why we should take the medicine like were instructed to it's for the old folks in the infirm it's the decent thing to do and if you think it's okay to shirk this responsibilityquite frankly is amoral and we have the technology to nip this thing in the bud our medicine is good with all pharmaceutical medicines there's going to be percentiles of negative effects but overall our government are country serves the greatest good that it can serve so if you can save a whole lot more lives even knowing that some may perish than you've affected a much better outcome in the future it's all about the most life that can be positively affected and saved is triage

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