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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

Nightly News Full Broadcast (May 8th)

Covid-19 vaccine shows new signs of hope, deadly school bombing in Afghanistan, and Republicans diverge on party’s route to reclaim power.


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  • Richard Mann

    If we could remove religion from the human psyche this world would be better off. Afganistan, Jerusalem, etc.

  • Tim Mckelvey

    Wat the doctor said between lines..was people have gotten covid 19 after being given the vaccine…they just don't need hospitalization… tricky dicky
    Wordings..:::::. DEMon–CRATS

  • Tracy Heaslip

    Is the GOP trying to be GOD. does trump still believe he's the chosen one. Jesus. GOP is delusional!!!

  • Suzy Sanders

    Search nonsense! All those people sitting outside in the fresh evening air and they have to wear a mask. I would not even go to the game

  • courtney mccook

    Taking a min to wish Kate and all the mothers of NBC a very special Mothers Day. One that's filled with love and appreciation. For all who do the job of mothering in some shape of form. You are appreciated…and also to all who may read this msg… May God bless you always

  • Lou Bowen

    Well are you also taking into account the number of people that not able to make appointments on line and some that do get to that appointment only to be told that because of a computer error that they have to do it all again. Then they hear that they may have to get a booster because of the New mutations do why can not wait until you can just get 1 that covers it all? I know all about that not getting it because of a computer glitch. Do you also know that there not even a place to report that to do maybe that should be taken into account. So check that out

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