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Thursday, May 19News That Matters

Nightly News Full Broadcast (May 22nd)

First named storm of hurricane season, ceasefire holds in the Middle East as tensions remain, and major reversal in deadly arrest of Ronald Greene.


DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
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  • Thomas Schierer

    600 dying everyday ,,,,and now no more masks???? ,,,get ready for next surge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupidity

  • Onward to Dystopia

    You meant to take care

    and put your affairs in order.

    But the unexpected occurred

    and there wasn’t time.

    Later, the loved ones came

    and gave away some things,

    while putting aside some others:

    keepsakes or valuables.

    They cried over an old comb

    that still had some hairs

    twirling through its teeth.

    Yet they laughed a little too.

    Then someone uncovered

    what you left in the attic.

    “Oh, dear,” they said softly

    and went home to forget you.

    —-Memento by Thomas Ligotti

  • Richy Cartels

    I was in a rip current. It took me about a mile from the shore and I swim back(while looking out for those jelly fish). I thought it was just the time of day when the current goes out(14:00 HH). I'm from inland state where there is no ocean, no sharks, just water snakes and tornadoes and hail.

  • Gud nuf

    Hamas is a terrorist organization, just like ISIS. You don't 'defend' yourself by firing rockets across a national boundary.
    More propaganda perpetuated by the media.

  • A- Palooza

    I asked a friend who grew up in Palestine why the constant struggles? He replied simply "prejudice, lots of prejudice"

  • Richy Cartels

    Is the police chief going to claim having a gang of police officers kick with their foot and punch with a clinched fist upon a person face down on the ground is part of the Use Of Force Plan?

  • Avatar Conscious

    💞If you are reading this:💕💕💕💞BE BLESSED!!! x 1,000,000 !!!!💞💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Richy Cartels

    Police brutality has always gone on, it's just why the fake media all want everybody to falsely think it only happens to blacks for? To get all of the blacks worked-up and riot in burning-up their own neighborhood again, that's why. They know how they think

  • Gabriel Heart

    What I NEVER hear anybody talking about in these news clips is, the HATRED within ever5yone's heart and I mean EVERYONE'S and yet I hear the words of Jesus saying, RESIST NOT, the evil man, LOVE your ENEMIES, PRAY for those that PERSECUTE you and DESPITEFULLY use you✝️❤️🛐 100% of these problems would cease to exist IF, the people being pursued by law enforcement, AS wrong as they MAY BE, would just STOP RESISTING and running away, SURRENDER and then take it to court later…✝️❤️🛐

  • Jason Ziruk

    is this what news is coming to —rip currents—-how about let's—stop the unemployment checks and get people back to work so they are not depressed all day.

  • Kerrie macon

    SERGEANT Robert Justin Alford green where is my two daughters KAREE and JAHMELA and their 7 children and what have you done to them .

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