Sunday, January 16News That Matters

Nightly News Full Broadcast – January 2nd

Mass flight cancellations during post-holiday travel rush, omicron surge leads to major staffing shortages on the frontlines, and concern over school reopening amid omicron surge.

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  • James Chambers

    Vote Dewine and Dave Yost out of office they are liers croput liers cheaters discussing narisssstst ⛳🐍👿 🚓 🗑️🚜 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒 777

  • James Chambers

    We want freedom and justice 🗡️ I won't be stocked I won't be assaulted I won't be a slave I will not put up with the gossip and lies for government grant money 💰 stop Ohios injustice system from preying on innocent men and children for government grant money 💰 they are liers and narisssstst protecting child molesters Their will be justice 🗡️ in 2022 a promise watch ⌚

  • James Chambers

    We are coming for you narisssstst 🐽 liers cheaters discussing child moslsters and protecters in Ohio we coming for you in 2022 🗡️ justice is ours

  • Laura Malizia

    That’s scary to not know your way around a new job. Being there just days before what happened there last year January 6. Kudos to the workers who stayed. I can’t say I would have been as brave.🙌🇺🇸💪

  • joel yazell

    F your school ideas. You do not have control,and you are and we’re lying when you say so. You are willing to take risks for other people,and we don’t need you to do so. Wouldn’t send my kid to your school on its best day,having seen the concern for their safety you have and promote.

  • Trevor SS

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. It’s simple, STOP unnecessary travel!!! It’s literally that simple!! It should be common sense but it just comes down to greed. Airlines wanna make their money and people obviously want to travel knowing they can spread sickness. How do think this virus is spreading? Its because we’re allowing free travel anywhere. If we all stopped and stayed where we are I’m sure this virus wouldn’t spread as fast. GREED is what’s holding us back in this world.

  • Joe Travers

    Very much enjoyed the Lady vets. Ret DAV U S Navy. Made me think of my Grandmother who was an aviation mechanic at TAFB Panama City Florida in 44. WACS. She met my grandfather and married
    There. He was a Gunnery instructor on B-17s. Mom born there on base in 45. Brothers and I are 5 Gen military. Thank you lady's all for your service and wishing yall a very happy new year. Will find one of those Calanders

  • Frank Panarelli

    People shouldn't be charged because Congress is a bunch of scary cats that's not an insurrection when people come into the Congress with cellphones that's not an insurrection when they come in with guns you'll know they mean business

  • bobby james

    I don't really understand why everybody's traveling anyways for pleasure and stuff there's a pandemic going on everybody should just stay home let this thing get over let it go through my mother-in-law died because she went on a trip being on the airplane and flying Force the covid down deeper into her lungs she was doing okay she was managing it very asymptomatic but the flight pushed it down in her lungs and when she landed in Maine they took her to the hospital because she was unresponsive and she never came out of the hospital just stop it people I mean or quit talking about it and let the people that want to go do it get their sickness and get over it or die I mean we cannot control everybody so I just don't understand what talking about it's going to help you mean it's ridiculous it's the flu with a little bit more mentality rate so what

  • David Garrison

    Hay, stupid. Stay home. Just stay home.
    Is your family really that tight? Trust me
    if you're the one going to them and have
    money? They could care less about you.

  • No one star

    This may sound absolutely 'out there', but… has anyone else been experiencing minor 'tinnitus'? That is to say, you've never TRULY had an issue with ringing in your ears before, but now, it's become a lot more prevalent?

    For example: a more prevalent 'high, high-pitched, subtle ringing in your ears' which is STILL barely there, but over 2020-2021… it's become slightly worse? For more description, it sounds like an extremely subtle 'old television signal', or sort of like the sound of a fluorescent light but certainly not identical.

    I only (randomly) ask because… this is really starting to be weird. Makes no sense. I've not changed much of anything about my life in 2 years. As in literally: almost nothing I have done has changed.

  • John McNulty

    It would be great if Americans built homes with non flammable materials. Clay tile roofs instead of oil based roofing. Stone and bricks for walls instead of crappy tyvek press board, etc.

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