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Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

Parents of accused Michigan high school shooter charged, omicron variant detected in several states across U.S., and Alec Baldwin says he is not at fault for “Rust” movie set tragedy.

00:00 Intro
01:21 Deadly Michigan high school shooting
05:52 Omicron variant latest
08:23 Interview with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky
10:20 Jobs report and Pres. Biden challenges
12:05 ‘Rust’ shooting latest
14:17 Smash-and-grab robberies arrests
16:08 Race to Deliver/Follow journey of Everlane sweater
18:40 Crypto art craze

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23 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast – Dec. 2”
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  2. I emphatically agree with the looting. The government needs to do a good job regardless of the mistakes of democratic bodies. We need housing projects, and we need investment in wholesome business. The US needs to be a livable place, and criminals like KR, the people who influenced him, and the owners of these crap super businesses can have the poverty, slave, and prison jobs. Enough is enough already.

  3. Well since its the unvaccinated dying…who cares? Now we don't have to worry about them transmitting anything.

  4. Nobody knows when the kiddo is gonna snap, the drawing was a clue but that's a failure on the school and parents part. Who wants to admit the worst in your own child?

  5. With NFTs it's not about the art than anyone can easily download for themselves; it's about how stupid you are if you buy them.

  6. "Learn how not to get caught."
    This is parenting. This is typical of all parents today. If a parent today sees their kid doing something they know is wrong, they let their kid do it. And if anyone says anything about it, that parent will defend that kid. Today's kids can do no wrong in their parents' eyes.

  7. US is the contry that most happens this Kind of tragedy. The powerful question is – When is gonna be The next?

  8. I agree with giving Car keys to a drunk is totally wrong. How come we don’t talk about prescribed drugs when these people snap?

  9. Jussie Smollet notorious Big Hoaxter and his degenerative pal Hunter Biden Joe Biden's son make a great couple of delinquent's.

  10. Baby!!!! People don’t want the vaccine because they accept the facts!! If your natural immunity isn’t strong enough to fight the infection and build your own antibodies; then why procreate offspring that lack that important immune system in their DNA? I guess natural selection isn’t fact when “science” is involved. The real science is the natural untouched world we no longer seem to live in. That’s why I’m not letting that foreign material into my body. So I can be dependent on medicine I can’t make on my own? I’m good love! I’ll gladly take my chances❣️

  11. looked like school didn't stop the bullying going on in JR High and Middle School & when he stepped up for himself people got mad … when cops get bullied or attacked the shoot back. why can't kids? nip that stuff in the bud…..

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