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Nicosia Now Has A New Rehabilitation Center ►

NRC (Nicosia Rehabilitation Center)
Is A Brand New, State-Of-The-Art, Rehabilitation Center


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Nicosia ( – Nicosia now has a new rehabilitation offer. NRC (Nicosia Rehabilitation Center) officially opened its new Center for Neurological Rehabilitation.
It´s one of the most modern contemporary rehabilitation centres in the eastern Mediterranean. The Nicosia Rehabilitation Center (NRC) is located in the heart of Nicosia and stands as a prototype rehabilitation center in the Eastern Mediterranean. Neurological, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal disorders, problems caused by serious injuries and complex post-surgical conditions are just some of the wide range of situations NRC deals with. NRC (Nicosia Rehabilitation Center) aims to minimise the impact of these conditions on the lives of their patients. #RichTVX #Health #News More info ►


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