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Wednesday, May 25News That Matters

New York Times reporter whose phone records were secretly obtained by Justice Department says fre…

The Justice Department says it will stop covertly obtaining journalists’ communication records to try to find out their sources as part of leak investigations. One of the journalists whose information was seized is New York Times reporter Matt Apuzzo. He joined “CBSN AM” to discuss what this means for freedom of the press.

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  • Seema 1

    "keep your biases aside"- isn't that what we had been told when we assumed certain roles? A common person would think that JD and LE work independently irrespective of who/ what side runs the Gov.

  • Luntershaptop Fukinov

    So, if true Trump should answer for it… And Obama should answer for it, 3 dozen times more.. (oh wait, you never knew that he was caught spying, wire tapping on countless journalists, allied leaders, etc?)

  • M MORE

    So much fabricate lies to smear all the countries that was Sanctions, wagging wars and apply tariffs.
    The Whole US regime is corrupted to the Core.

  • Luntershaptop Fukinov

    This the ones by Obama, including dozens of other journalists, at the AP, FOX, NYT, CBS, etc etc etc ..LOL.. (that just guaranteed not getting any replies)

  • M MORE

    The WHOLE DEMOCRATIC system is just a Hypocrisy.
    We are LIAR
    We are THIEVES
    We are CHEAT
    We practice Double Standard
    We are bias.

  • Red Alert

    Why have the many criminals within the Trump adminstration not been prosecuted yet?
    You don't have long to go now.

  • M MORE

    the US regime will fabricate that China stole it.
    And New York time with the rest media will play along and megaphone it without the need to verify the FACT.

    So much for the rule of law. Freedom of speech, etc

  • Jettabusy Jackson

    The media is biased one sided so we don't need it just because they want the freedom to lie and pump out propaganda

  • Jettabusy Jackson

    The media abusing their freedom of Press and violating the citizens privacy and using fake news reports to do media public trials like they did R Kelly and called him pedophiles on worldwide news defamation of character while he has never been convicted of pedophilia so they need to lock the journalists up until they can prove their story is true like R Kelly in jail a innocent man with no bail based on media documentary

  • Brian Kelley

    Bill Barr needs to pay for using his power of white privilege racism and bigotry to protect that x racist president of yours. Blood on all your hands. God to church on Sunday with hate in you all hearts. God will make you all pay

  • Germangirl don't vote

    Because your mainstream media lives have caused lives.Mainstream Media
    will push this  vaccine /Pandamic down our throat 24/7 same they got  caught
    Staging scenes below
    So people will blindly follow what others do
    No Demand on vaccine no production. Simple.
    The only pandemic I see is on Television! YOU Our mainstream media became the enemy to the people of this land and at some point it will be held accountable .I hope everybody is aware these media lies are an act of treason that  caused a lot of lives .And why are you guys not talking about That Mr.Drosten, the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been sued  for crimes  against Humanity as of 2 months ago


  • Alfred E

    biden ignores D-Day too busy eating ice cream I guess, what else is new! Border crisis continues media silent! 6 trillion and not a cent to finish the wall

  • lonny self

    this is the tactic you use to ensure the stories are true and that you are not some subversive nepotism is real but you all can intercept real peoples record all the time and you have privileged info, so ya I would pull your pants down and check al your sources too, and you all should go to jail for a real confidential issue I say muzzle away because most the time loos lip's sink ships and you been sinking the largest one on purpose with help, just optic my friend no real new hear

  • Angelica RoseMarie

    CBS News, it's no secret… that whenever the journalists' communication records,
    were seized, they most likely were "under physical surveillance" by the DOJ & F.B.I.

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